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Buy one: BlitzWolf have sent me their BW-MP1 projector for a review and I rather like it. I had some problems with uneven focus, but th. This projector uses a bathroom flood light as a light source. It is a MR-16 Halogen bulb, I'm thinking of making a better light diffusion back panel, and using a soft white LED version of this bulb, if possible.

This article explain how to create a booteable USB stick to flash an EFI flasheable file under DOS enviroment. Is my EFI InsydeH2O? The easiest way to figure that is looking on the 'BIOS POST Screen' for this image: Step 0 - Preparing the work enviroment.

Intel® One Boot Flash Update utility. BIOS, Firmware Update & Configuration Utilities for Windows*/Linux*/WinPE. For Windows PE* (v4.5): Iflash BIOS update. Your netbook computer M1022 uses EPROM Flash BIOS chip that allows you to. To upgrade the BIOS on Windows. InsydeFlash Utility tool as below picture.

You must create a folder on your desktop to use it as workspace. I will use one named 'Toolbox'. Your current Windows user account must have administrator rights. Power4gear download. You must have the Windows based executable file that contains the EFI flasheable file.

If you don't have one, enter to page and get one for your computer. I will use one named 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE'. Step 0 done. Step 1 - Preparing working tools. Download and install. Download 'HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool'. Save this file inside 'Toolbox' folder.

Wonderwall Projector Hack

Download 'DOS Files'. Save this file inside 'Toolbox' folder. Download 'Flash It Tool'. Save this file inside 'Toolbox' folder. Extract files downloaded in 2, 3 and 4.

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A folder will be created for each extracted ZIP file. Step 1 done. Step 2 - Creating a booteable USB stick.

Connect your USB stick. Make a backup of it contents if necessary. Open 'HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool' folder and execute 'HPUSBFW.EXE' with administrator rights. Follow these easy steps as shown below:.

Bios Flash Utility Windows 10

Search and select 'DOS Files' folder:. Click on 'Accept' button and then click on 'Start' button to initiate the process. A warning window appears. Click on 'Yes' button and wait until the entire process is completed. Click on 'Accept' button to close the summary window and then click on 'Close' button to close the application. Step 2 done. Step 3 - Copying the flashing tool.

Open 'Flash It Tool' folder. Select all files and copy them to the root directory of your USB stick. Step 3 done. Step 4 - Extracting the Windows based EFI update package. Copy 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE' file to your 'Toolbox' folder.

Secondary click (left click) on 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE'. Select '7-Zip', then select 'Extract to 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE '. A new folder named 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE' will be created with files inside. Open 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE' folder and open 'platform.ini' file.

It's important to keep this file open. Step 4 done. Step 5 - Finding the flasheable EFI file. In 'platform.ini' file, search for the section called 'FDFile'.

Look for the 'FileName' attribute. This attribute sets the flasheable EFI file name. Look inside your 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE' folder for that file, and rename it to 'FLASHME.ROM'. Copy 'FLASHME.ROM' file to the root directory of your USB stick. Step 5 done.

Step 6 - Setting the computer platform. Look inside your USB stick and open the 'IDS.id' file with a plain text editor (notepad is enough). In 'platform.ini' file, search for the section called 'PlatformCheck'. Copy each 'PlatformName' attribute (only if it have a non-empty value) to 'IDS.id' file. Saves changes to IDS.id file. Step 6 done. Step 7 - Finishing.

Close all files and folders opened. Remove securely your USB stick. Step 7 done. I'm wondering if I can apply this method even if my computer does not boot and I can't see any BIOS, the only thing I can see is a BLACK SCREEN on which NOTHING HAPPENS, and if the battery is plugged, everytime I plug the charger in and out, there is a SHORT BEEP SOUND. I tried to update the BIOS with a wrong file (I guess). Now the computer is stuck at a BLACK SCREEN, I can't see any movement, any cursor, I mean anything!

Full trucking games to. You may face with someone want to compete with you, now you can driving your truck fast as driving a car.

THere is just a power light, it stays still, too. I can't get the USB work, please help! I applied everything step-by-step, even the folder name is the same (I know that it doesn't matter). The file you named as EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE is the bios file we can download from the support site among a lot of drivers, am I right? (it is 9acn30ww in my case), because there is a platfrom.ini file as you described, but in that file FDFile, there may be a problem: FDFile FileName=;FileName (wW); default: empty.; String: Utility always load this file.; If the FileName is empty, utility will search current directory; and load the first found FD file.; Supports on WIN flash. I renamed the isflash.FD file as FLASHME.ROM as you said. (I can't see any file named or extensioned as EFI), other than that I did everything exactly like you described, I crosschecked the files on USB, everything seems to be OK, but when I plugged the USB in the computer, it still stays on the black screen, nothing happens.

Shwa- Your computer will not respond because you incorrectly flashed the bios, and 'broken' it. The bios is the very first thing your computer runs, which then goes on to the boot loader, and then finally the OS. You will need to correctly flash the bios. If you cannot do it via usb, you will need to use an eeprom programmer, or test clip rig and flash the actual bios chip itself. The bios is a a vital, extremely low level part of a computers system, and as such, messing with it without knowing exactly what your doing can result in a non operational pc.

Right off the bat, I can see you did not fill. Out the FileName= value as per step 5. If non of your files contained an efi file, then you do not have the correct files.


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Awdflash.exe is a utility program that helps you to update your BIOS - the code that runs the first moment you boot your PC. It was created by Award Software Inc. To support flashing based data files. The BIOS code is stored on the motherboards on Flash chips since its introduction in 1993.

Award Software Inc. Started working on the Award Flasher in 1993. The first versions only supported the Intel 28F010 flash chips. During that time almost no motherboards featured flashable BIOS chips. In 1994/1995, with the availability of Awdflash 5.x, the core BIOS release of Award BIOS Elite v4.50PG and flash chips on motherboards, the tool became a lot more used. All these Award Flasher (awdflash) versions are DOS based and can't be run from Windows or other operating systems.

The command prompt in Windows will not be sufficient. Award also released Windows based flashers called Award Winflash. You can find these below. Please read our FAQ to correctly use the awdflash or winflash executables. Winflash.exe - Award Flasher (Windows 32/64bit based) Award Winflash.exe allows you to flash your BIOS from within Windows (NT/2000 or later). From Winflash v1.90 on, 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.

Please note that Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit or later is not supported by any of the Award Winflash.exe versions below. You'll need to use WindowsXP 32bit or 64bit or follow our DOS based. When you launch Winflash you'll see the user interface as below. You can choose the following options:. Update the.

Update the PnP area. Update the DMI area. Clear the CMOS To update your BIOS with WinFlash:. Select File - Open. If your current BIOS version doesn't support WinFlash, it will give a warning. Do not continue in that case and use awdflash in DOS.

Choose the correct BIOS data file. Select File - Update BIOS. Choose Yes on 'Do you want to load again'. Click on the Update button to start the update. When the flashing procedure completes, Winflash will ask you to reboot your PC: Select YES.

“Make every night movie night with the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector. The Wonderwall – which connects to your TV, DVD, camcorder, or video game console – projects an image up to 7.5 feet wide on any wall in your home, even the ceiling. As a result, you can catch up on your favorite cable series, watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or go for the head shot in Call of Duty on a surface that’s far larger than most TVs.”

With prices as low as $70 (and probably even better for Black Friday), who wouldn’t want the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector?

Anyone interested in a decent quality image.

Users complain about poor color, “a sharp white glow on people’s faces”, a grainy or blurry image, poor sound, a loud fan, and a projector so dim that you need an almost completely dark room to use it.

It doesn’t ship with a VGA cable for connecting it to your desktop or notebook computer, but Amazon.com notes that a VGA adapter is the most popular accessory.

Amazon.com customers who rated the product give it an average rating of 3 out of 5. At Overstock.com, it rates a bit more poorly at 2.5 out of 5. Kohl’s customers gave it the same score. The packaging promises a wonderful video experience, but the hardware seems to underdeliver on that promise.

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This projector appears to be made with the blessing of Discovery Channel, which doesn’t even offer it on its own online store. That seems odd.

People buy this with low expectations – and many still report being disappointed. The resolution is a very low 480 x 240 – two-thirds that of an iPhone 3GS and 37.5% that of the original 640 x 480 VGA and SD digital television resolution (also the maximum resolution of the original Sony PlayStation and the minimum resolution of the original Xbox).

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We’re not telling you not to buy the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector. We just want you to be aware that while the Black Friday pricing may be incredibly attractive, you get what you pay for, which seems to be the most common online comment from users. Younger children will probably love it for movie night or playing video games, but anyone expecting a relatively decent 7.5′ wide image are bound to be disappointed.

Then again, good luck finding any type of digital projector for anywhere near this price that isn’t also a toy. Keep your expectations low, and you might find happiness.

Digital projectors just aren’t terribly affordable for home use, but the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector is about one-third the cost of the more highly rated Digital Galaxy DG-737 projector, which accepts HDMI digital input and VGA computer input in addition to the more common video inputs and provides a brighter, higher resolution (full 640 x 480 VGA) image. It’s not home theater quality, but it’s a lot sharper and makes a lot more users happy (4 out of 5 rating at Amazon.com) than the oh-so-tempting Discovery.

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