Windows Installer Patchcache Managed

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  2. Windows Installer Cache

If this per-machine system policy is set to a value greater than 0, Windows Installer saves older versions of files in a cache when a patch is applied to an application. Caching can increase the performance of future installations that otherwise need to obtain the old files from a original application source. 仕事をしていて 111GB ある HDD の空き容量が約 700MB! ディスククリーンアップをしても微々たるもの、そもそもドキュメント類や作業ファイル類は D ドライブだし、無心で削除もしくは移動できるファイルはもうない。さてどうしよう。 ということで、いろ.

Running out of the diskspace on C: I found the C:WINDOWSInstaller$PatchCache$ to be massive! I used JamSoftware “treesize” to view what was taking up the space.

From research this folder can be safely deleted, however you MUST NOT delete the top level “Installer” folder “C:WINDOWSInstaller” (only the sub-folders inside it)

Windows Installer Patchcache Managed

A quick method for deleting this directory is:

Stop “Windows Installer Service”

Run the “Remove Directory” command (/q Quiet: /q Removes all directories and files: /s)

C: Windows Installer $patchcache$ Managed

Start “Windows Installer Service”

Windows Installer Cache

Windows Installer Patchcache ManagedInstaller