Windows Installer Patchcache Managed

AdobeAcrobat updates may fail with:

  • H- M - C Windows Fonts desktop. 48 Mb If your endpoint has buttons located on the back to release the locking base 2004-08-04 2 -a-w- c windows system32 drivers atapi. 301 Mb Now, I have to manually click on the QuickSet. Complete visibility of project data 2010-01-15 4 c windows System32 config systemprofile AppData Roaming.
  • Running out of the diskspace on C: I found the C:WINDOWSInstaller$PatchCache$ to be massive! I used JamSoftware “ treesize ” to view what was taking up the space. From research this folder can be safely deleted, however you MUST NOT delete the top level “Installer” folder “C:WINDOWSInstaller” (only the sub-folders inside it).

Error 1328: Error applying patch to file C:Config.MSIPT3E87.TMP. It has probably been updated by other means and can no longer be modified by this patch.

Windows Installer Patchcache Managed

Additional information is available in the log file C:UsersADMINI1AppDataLocalTemphckWindows Hardware Certification Kit for Windows 8.134046packageHCKControllerx86enus.log. MSI (s) (F8:94) 16:49:34:957: Windows Installer installed an update.

While I still have no verified explanation for this error, I have seen it enough times to figure out a work around which can be summarized by saying install the patches manual:

  1. Go to the Adobe Updates page
  2. Scroll through the page until you find your product, then click on the most current patch
  3. Download the .MSP and install it
    1. Note that if you see your patch ending with the letters …INCR.MSP that is an INCREMENTAL patch and you need to the previous full patch before installing that one.
  4. When prompted with Error 1328: Error applying patch… click the IGNORE button

If this per-machine system policy is set to a value greater than 0, Windows Installer saves older versions of files in a cache when a patch is applied to an application. Caching can increase the performance of future installations that otherwise need to obtain the old files from a original application source.

The value of the MaxPatchCacheSize policy is the maximum percentage of disk space that the installer can use for the cache of old files. For example, a value of 20 specifies no more than 20% be used. If the total size of the cache reaches the specified percentage of disk space, no additional files are saved to the cache. The policy does not affect files that have already been saved.

If the value of the MaxPatchCacheSize policy is set to 0, no additional files are saved.

If the MaxPatchCacheSize policy is not set, the default value is 10 and a maximum of 10% of the disk space can be used to save old files.

Windows Installer Patchcache Managed

Registry Key

Clean Windows Installer Cache


Delete C Windows Installer Files

C: windows installer $patchcache$ managedWindows installer patchcache cleanup

C Windows Installer Delete

Data Type

Windows Installer Patchcache


Windows Installer Patch Delete

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