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Thank you for visiting my SuDoKu program page, I hope you find it useful. I wrote this program in Visual Basic (6.0) because I got frustrated trying to do simple things in MFC. I may adapt a MineSweeper program I wrote in C as it will probably paint faster, but the logic and behavior would be exactly the same.

I wrote a quickie version in C++ to run as a web page, you can check it out here and the source here.

To use the program, simply click the numbered button in the grid that you wish to fit into the box (each grid of 9 numbers represents a single square in a typical SuDoKu puzzle). The program will automatically darken and disable the matching number in the column, row and square (a square containing 9 boxes of one number each, in the puzzle). If you want to ensure you don’t accidentally click on that button again (which would re-enable the matching number in the row, column or square, unless it happens to have been blocked from some other location), you can click on the ‘Fix’ button and the small button will be replaced by a large number. Clicking on the Un-Fix button will reverse that change. When you are all done, just click on Reset to get back to the beginning.

But the code is concise and it is broken down into identifiable stages. Determination Basic determination rule: determine for each cell whether there is a number that is the only one that has not been used in the row, column or block to which the cell belongs. Aug 23, 2015 How to create a Sudoku Solver, using Visual Basic 2010 Express part two - Duration: 5:27. Tic Tac Game in Visual Basic With Source Code Source Link in Description. Mini roulette game in Visual Basic 6. You can still add code and graphism to this project to make it more interesting! It is a simple sudoku game.

I won’t bother with talking about strategy, there are plenty of write-ups on the web, but I have found that by eliminating the ever-so-tedious bookkeeping I can do ‘hard’ puzzles in 15 minutes or less (sometimes much less). Enclosed is an example simple and hard puzzle with a solution for the hard one (.dat files). The zeros represent blank boxes.

Below are a series of links to a zipped up version of the entire contents of this directory, just the executable if you want to trust me (no warranty expressed or implied! Use at your own risk!) as well as the individual source code files if you just want to take a look.

If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at koxenrider[at]sol[dash]biotech[dot]com.


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Basic Sudoku Puzzle

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Sudoku Visual Basic Code Download

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VBReFormer is a powerful and essential recovery tool for Visual Basic application.You lost the source code of your Visual Basic application ? Disassembler, decompiler, and design editor for Visual Basic applications, VBReFormer will help you saving money.

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Visual Basic Code Download

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SDK

The Visual Studio 2008 Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.0 includes tools, documentation, and samples for developers to design, build, test and deploy extensions for Visual Studio 2008. You can also use the VS 2008 SDK 1.0 to create custom tools environments based on the Visual Studio 2008 Shell.

Sudoku Source Code

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Sudoku Solver Code