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Subtitles are a part of our daily lives when it comes to entertainment. It would help if you had them for easy follow up of your favorite shows and movies. We have been increasing our consumption of entertainment for a long time now. A few of us might not be huge fans of subtitles because of the obstruction they bring.

This will create an executable named subtitle-overlap-fixer Run that executable on the SRT file that ffmpeg spit out (via ffmpeg -i test.vtt ) subtitle-overlap-fixer This will back up the with a.bak extension, and generate a cleaned SRT file. The easiest way to download subtitles. Just drop your videos into Subtitles and let it do its magic. It doesn't matter if the files don't have the right name or the format they're in, Subtitles will always find the right subtitles for your movies and TV shows.

In this guide, we take a look at the fantastic options available for your use. Try these out today to get streaming on your favorite content. Our top picks will help you out quite well throughout your video needs. Take a look here and get streaming right now.

List Of Best Subtitles Download Sites:

Subtitle Fixer Download Free

Subtitles are an everyday accessory to all major Movies and TV shows. Some people need it for a better understanding of the shows. Many people might not understand the different accents of English quite well. It helps you to get clarity on the dialogue and plot. These are also a great way to develop a strong command over the language. Here are some of the different websites which have the biggest Subtitles database right now.

1. Open Subtitles

  • Content – Movie and TV series subtitles

The Open Subtitles website is highly popular among the masses. It is the go-to website for millions of users on the internet. You can easily stream content through this platform. Users can download the subtitles for popular and the latest movies. The interface of this website is quite necessary. It has been up and running for decades now. You can find almost all the popular movies and TV shows here. The website has some impressive specifications and features.

It is not limited to English viewers. You can download subtitles in virtually every language. Users who download content online can utilize this platform for easy streaming. The open-source platform is entirely free for everyone to access. The website also offers a google chrome extension for easy identification. Users can download it for quick recognition.


  • Content – Movies

The website is full of unforgettable subtitles for your movie use. It does not offer you with TV subtitles. You can be sure to find your necessary Movie Subtitles easily through this platform. We recommend it to all our readers. The user interface is quite simple for users who enjoy streaming content. It has a massive database with easy downloads. There are subtitles in all significant languages available on this website.

Subtitle fixer download full

We can safely say that all your movie subtitle needs are functional here. The search feature makes your download simple for long term use. You can find subtitles for more than 20,000 movies on the website. These are also categorized alphabetically for further clarity.

3. YTS-Subs

  • Content – Movies

Farsi Subtitle Fixer

YTS Subs is a popular website that offers you the latest subtitles for all your torrent downloads. It is a highly popular website which has a fantastic database. The site holds the subtitles for all the movies available on Yify. It helps in the easy synchronization of your audio and video sources.

We like the user interface as well. It makes the website easy to browse around while searching for a subtitle file. Users can download their favorite content from here with ease. The content on the platform uses tabs for simple and effective organization into different genres. You can also try different language settings.

4. Subscene

  • Content – Movies and TV Shows

The obscene website offers you with the latest content with ease. Users can easily download their favorite subs from here. The website receives regular updates regarding the best shows and movies. It is a simple search tool on their website. Users can create an account with ease to save their downloads. It is a simple service without any major hassles. We recommend that you enjoy a decent streaming and entertainment experience through this service.

The community can also upload their favorite subs on the platform. It is relatively easy to use for anyone. You can find quick updates on the right side of the website. It includes the top recent searches on the platform as well. You can check what is currently trending on the forum.

Shahin persian subtitle fixerSubtitle Fixer Download

5. Subdivx

  • Content – Movies, TV shows, and Music Videos.

The SubDivx website is full of subtitles from all around the world. It is an international website with everything you need. The website is relatively easy to use for everyone. Users can utilize the platform to download any content they need. It is the perfect fix for your video and audio solutions.

The website layout is in a different language. The website also offers subtitles for music videos in other languages. The site is a perfect fit for all users trying to understand content from all around the world. It is a necessity to create an account on the website.

6. GetSubtitle

Subtitle Fixer Download
  • Content – Movie and TV shows

The get subtitle website is full of content from all around the world. It is relatively easy to browse through using the search feature. Users can look for subtitles that are available online for their favorite movies and shows. We recommend that you try this website out for easy streaming help.

It has some of the most critical content on the internet. The user interface is necessary, but you don’t need much when it comes to downloading subtitles.

7. Podnapisi

  • Content – Movie and TV shows

The website is quite popular among people who enjoy watching a lot of content. It is a simple yet effective platform that keeps everything under control. You can download subtitles from all around the world. The user interface is impressive and ensures you have a fantastic browsing experience.

You can register on the platform as a regular user. The community environment keeps all the people engaged and active. Users can also upload the subtitles for their favorite content on this site. The community of the site is what keeps the content flowing.


Subtitles download sites are rare to find these days. A select few have all the working content. It can be challenging to search for subtitles that sync entirely with your audio and video. Through this guide, we try to offer you the best solutions available. Try these out today and experience perfect subtitle content.