Snap On Verus Edge Software Update

The Snap-on VERUS Edge, No. EEMS330, has a fully-integrated software suite, comprising diagnostics, component tests, expert information resources, a complete repair information system and vehicle data manager. Exclusive resources include SureTrackReal Fixes and verified parts replacement records, Fast-Track Troubleshooter and Guided Component Tests, along with direct access to OEM recalls, campaigns and TSBs. The built-in solid state drive, Internet browser and Wi-Fi facilitate open information access from anywhere in the bay. The thin, lightweight tablet-style device - complete with a touchscreen - boots up in a minute and from ‘ready mode’ in only five seconds, aiding efficiency. With up to five hours of battery life, it provides techs with OEM-specific coverage for more than 40 domestic, Asian and European makes and dozens of vehicle systems.

April 2, 2018—Snap-on has introduced its newest software, Upgrade 18.2, which offers expanded OEM-specific coverage, expert tips, guided analysis, general repair, collision repair and more. “For every software upgrade skipped, service technicians risk not having coverage for even common repairs brought into their shops,” said Leian Wunderlich, software program manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. I just had the 16.4 update done on my Vantage Pro several weeks ago for $439. When I bought it had 10.4 version as the latest update. From what I was told 16.4 will be the last update for the V-Pro. It takes me up thru 2015 autos.

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First, I am told by my Snap-On rep that 17.4 is the last update for the Vantage Pro and after 31 March 2018 it will no longer be offered. I asked about updating my Verus Pro D10 and was told Snap-On is offering a deal until the end of this week that if you update to 17.4 it is $950 (as opposed to the regular price of $1200.00) and you will get. The Zeus, Triton-D8, Verus Edge, Modis Edge, Solus Edge and Ethos Edge – pinpointing complex problems begin with identifying the right diagnostic tool. The tools help you improve your diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair times thanks to our quality products and industry-leading capabilities.

Snap on verus software update

As the JT Hotshotting fleet grows, so does our maintenance. An equitable solution has proven to be shifting our maintenance to our 100% in-house program. This made sense as it obviously costs less (even with new tool investments such as this) and we have complete control over the quality of workmanship performed on our equipment.

When it comes to high-end scan and diagnostic tools there is a lot to choose from. I’ve had experience with some of the brands out there and after quite a bit of research settled on the new 4th generation Snap-on VERUS Edge powered by Windows 7 and WIFI connectivity. I won’t get into the technical specifications of the unit as it features similar hardware to most other mainstream tablets but rather I will focus on what it can do in this article.

Professional Snap-on VERUS Edge Features

Snap-on has really outdone themselves on this and it’s more than just a diagnostic tool. The VERUS Edge will store and manage thousands of vehicles in its database and also provides exclusive expert resources such as SureTrack, Troubleshooter and Fast-Track Guided Component Tests.

  1. SureTrack – This is the automotive industry’s most comprehensive source of expert knowledge containing millions of successful completed repair orders from technician verified real fixes outlining parts replacement records.
  2. Troubleshooter – Covers everything from trouble code tips, symptom tips and time saving advice.
  3. Fast-Track Guided Component Tests – This excellent features shows you how and where to test components and what results you should be getting in order to verify failed parts before replacing them.

Snap On Verus Edge Price

Those features alone are worth the price of this device however it doesn’t stop there. The all new keyless and Bluetooth scanner module allows you to plug it into the vehicle and be anywhere in your shop with your VERUS Edge. Gone are the days of having to be right beside the vehicle with specific “keys” to plug in for each make and model.

Snap On Verus Pro Software Download

Unparalleled Scoping

The new high speeed 4-channel scope module/graphing meter is hot dockable which provides you with lightening speed sample rates and glitch capture.

Fully Loaded Coverage

Functionally this next generation diagnostic tool offers OEM specific coverage for over 40 vehicle makes and features bi-directional support for the same. It also gives you full access to codes, live data, functional tests, OEM Technical Service Bulletins and parameter relearns and adaptations.

Graphing Paradise

The Snap-on VERUS Edge live data function really shines through in that it can display up to 16 graphs simultaneously. You can then compare your live data graphs by overlaying a “mechanically correct” graph to help closer pinpoint where your problems are.

Snap On Verus Edge Software Update Windows 10

We’ve Got Another Winner!

All in all, the Snap-on VERUS Edge is an extremely well rounded unit. I’ve already been able to utilize it for injector trim code programming on one of our Dodge Ram 5500’s and to diagnose a transmission issue on a Dodge Ram 3500. After owning it for just one week, it’s already apparent that it’s capable of paying for itself.