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The Serial Monitor plugin lets you see all the activity initiated by other applications on a serial port — including open, close, serial setting change, control/status line* change and of course, the actual data flowing through the port.

  • . 1.4 Related HOWTO's, etc. About the Serial Port. 1.5 Feedback. 1.6 What is a Serial Port? How the Hardware Transfers Bytes. 3.1 Transmitting. 3.2 Receiving. 3.3 The Large Serial Buffers 4. Serial Port Basics. 4.1 What is a Serial Port.
  • Cutecom AUR is another gui enabled serial monitor. Putty is also available for Linux. Moserial is a gtk-based serial terminal, primarily intended for technical users and hardware hackers who need to communicate with embedded systems, test equipment, and serial consoles. Installing Arch Linux using the serial console.
  • A) jpnevulator – What once started as a Jackpot Navigator emulator (hence the strange name) is now a nice serial sniffer and you can use it to send data on a serial line too. It’s sort of like a very simple terminal emulator, like picocom. But jpnevulator uses hexadecimal byte values to display and send along the line.

The easiest way to connect to a serial console over USB is to use some software that is already built for that purpose. PuTTy, MobaXTerm, GNU Screen, Android Serial Console, Android Serial USB Terminal, and Arduino IDE are examples of software you can use. Let's look at some examples of how to do this in Windows, Linux. Serial Monitor The Serial Monitor plugin lets you see all the activity initiated by other applications on a serial port — including open, close, serial setting change, control/status line. change and of course, the.

Log entries you don't care about — for example, control or status line change notifications — can be filtered out to keep the log clean. When you do need them, it's easy to display them again.

Currently this plugin is only available on Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Unlike many other so-called 'serial monitors' for Linux, which require you to redirect the IO streams of an application you want to monitor, our serial monitor is a true one — it intercepts calls between an application and a serial port driver, thus allowing monitoring the serial IO directly.


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Device Monitor Service

Arduino serial monitor linux terminal

The key component of monitors (such as Serial Monitor, Pipe Monitor, etc) is the Device Monitor service. This service consists of a kernel-mode module intercepting requests from applications to the specified devices and a user-mode configuration utility.

Linux Serial Terminal

Installation and proper configuration of the Device Monitor service is a stumbling point for many users. Please follow these KB (knowledge base) articles for more information:


This specialized serial port monitoring app will allow you to record and analyze all system activities, for the RS232, RS422, and RS485 protocols

Be it that you rely on an RS232, RS422, or RS485 port, being able to detect the activity and traffic that occurs through such ports can be a valuable asset to have, especially in the context of a malfunction. Detecting the port activity can serve as the means to track the potential issues, regardless if it’s about application or driver development, serial device testing, or optimizations.

Designed specifically with such purposes in mind, CEIWEI SerialPort Monitor will offer users a set of tools that are dedicated to connecting, listening, monitoring, and recording all traffic that occurs through the selected COM ports that one wishes to supervise.

In addition to recording and analyzing the system activity, the application also offers filtering and searching capabilities. More so, users can perform data export and interception, in order to optimize data flow and control the information flow for the analyzed port.

Some of the parameters that can be observed for the analyzed port include the baud rate, data bit, stop bit, or parity bit. Aside from the port status, users can perform the data interception in hexadecimal, decimal, or octal formats, and the output display standard for the string data fully supports Unicode, UTF8, and UTF7 protocols.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • The unregistered version has the following functions disabled:
  • Copy each view data log (except Modbus view)
  • Output data logs of each view of saved and redirected files (except Modbus view)
  • Copy Modbus protocol data log
  • Output saved and redirected files Modbus protocol data log

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New in CEIWEI SerialPort Monitor v11.0.0:
  • Support member mobile phone number registration and login, not restricted to use computer, any computer account login, please refer to “Member Management” for details, member account function is applicable to CommMonitor serial port monitoring, USBMonitor monitoring, CommTone serial port debugging, virtual serial port and other CEIWEI software You can log in to any computer; but the same account, only one computer online at the same time. For more information, please contact WeChat/QQ: 348677065.
  • Support monitoring the serial port in use (opened);
  • After the first administrator permission is installed, the program is run by non-administrator rights;
  • Support Chinese Unicode string decoding;
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