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The movie won National Film Award for Best Children Film. He Made his First Debut as an Actor in 2000 with the Telugu Movie Ninnu Choodalani. He has Totally worked in 27 telugu movies out of which he received two State Nandi Awards, two Filmfare Best Telugu Actor Awards. Four Maa Cine Awards. Physical Appearance. Ninnu Choodalani (N T Rama Rao, Raveena Rajput) is a Telugu movie. Find Ninnu Choodalani's director, producer, music director, images, cast, release date, reviews.

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The twin cities sport two sweet shop giants in the form of Siva Reddy (K Vishwanath) and Sahadeva Reddy (K Satyanarayana). Venu (NTR) is the teenage grandson of Siva Reddy and Siri (Raveena Rajput) is the granddaughter of Sahadeva Reddy.

Venu happens to see Siri on the day of Holi and falls in love with her at the first sight. He gets hold of a photograph of her and then uses her photograph to put up a hoarding in Abids area asking her to call up his number. The parents of Siri notice their daughter's portrait on the advertisement of Siva Reddy sweets. The rivalry between Siva Reddy and Sahadeva Reddy intensifies.

Siri falls in love with Venu, since she likes the kind of attention he gives to her, as she is a neglected girl in her house. Its elections time and Siva Reddy and Sahadeva Reddy are given MLA tickets from two opposition parties. Siva Reddy and Sahadeva Reddy advises their grandkids not to meet each other till the elections are completed.

Venu packs up to Shimla along with his uncle as Siri visits her relative's village. Meanwhile, the parents of Siri try to arrange 'Pelli Choopulu' for her. Fed up with this, Siri travels alone to Shimla in search of Venu. The rest of the story revolves around how the lovers get united and sort out the differences between the families.



NTR: You are in for big disappointment after watching the performance of NTR. Forget the legendry NTR. He does not even come near to the acting prowess of those youth debutant heroes coming up now in Telugu cinema. Added to that, he is too fat for his age and it shows up in his walk and dances. His first priority should be to the shed the weight. Though people might feel awkward to watch him on silver screen, NTR will get established as a hero with few more films coming if he works hard on his histrionics, dialogue delivery and weight.

Raveena Rajput: She is another big negative asset for the film. She looks too young and raw to be a heroine and her acting is very artificial.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: Time has come to the Telugu cinema where the success of the film purely depends on the screenplay, even if there is no story. Director VR Pratap has failed in providing good screenplay for the film. His direction in this film is also not up to the mark.


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Music: Music is a saving grace for the film. SA Raj Kumar did a commendable work with his good tunes and backdrop score.

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Analysis: When it comes to Usha Kiron movies, we talk about those facilities and independence provided to the directors. Here is a good example of how the infrastructure can be played around and can be ill utilized without yielding any results. Poor screenplay adds up to the poor emoting by the lead pair giving a torrid time to the visitors despite of having a good music. This film offers nothing except for satisfying the curiosity level of audience about NTR.