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MUGEN Dragon's Rebirth (OpenGL) compilation by Thiago Jeff and RAMON GARCIA M.U.G.E.N Dragon's Rebirth - Version: 0.8 Project by team: Sang Kalaza, KGT, Jadeeye. And mugen compilation in 2020 by Thiago Jeff and RAMON GARCIA Note: All the hard work. Full Games Mugen, Mugen games completos, os melhores, Jus, Otanix, Tenkaichi, jus mugen. 🎮 This is a Mugen pack made by me #arcade. My Mugen(Not complete) by Luismindoo @Luismindoo. Overview; Comments 7 Followers 9 Free. My Mugen(Not complete) Version: 0.1.0 almost 4 years ago. Download 64-bit (678 KB) This is a Mugen pack made by me. Play the game through the folder. Gokurus420 @Gokurus420. Superheroes 2000 mugen Oct 21 2018 Released Oct 2018 Fighting. Superheroes 2000 Mugen is a MUGEN game with more than 330 chars from Marvel and DC. The new version 4.5 has come (October 2018) with 48 new characters.

Best Mugen Games 2019


The King of Fighters EX2 – Howling Blood HD By H-Loader

Blazblue Mod Edition By H-Loader

Blazblue Continuum Shift By H-Loader

Street Fighter Zero 3 HD By H-Loader

The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match By H-Loader

The King of Fighters XIII Arcade By H-Loader

Mugen Tournament 3 By Juano16

The Hyper Chronocles By Profylebryon

KOF12 Screenpack By ZION


Medarot2CORE By Muro


ActCadenza By GEASS

The King of Fighters Screenpack By Duende Macabro

Complete Mugen Games Download

TA_B By 通行人A

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure By Kung Fu Man

Mugen Complete Game

MugenMugen Complete GamesMugen Complete Games

MeltyBlood Original & ReAct Screenpack By GEASS