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Minecraft Military Base Mod

Crafting combat game! Build your base from blocks and protect it from enemies! Take up arms, strike an iron assault! Explore square battlefield, fight for honor - for free! An epic warfare story begins Be a soldier! Create a hero of World War 2 who fights in frontline with army! Craft & build cube base or city and protect it from enemy forces - free city building games! Building & crafting. Cars, Trucks, and Trains of the BlackThorne Military! 3.5.1 - 2020-05-20 - Fixed Mosquito Turret not loading (Thanks Laura) - Fixed gun bench crash (Thanks Also Laura). If you choose to showcase our mod, you will post a link to our official curseforge webpage where the mod download was found. You can unpack the mod's source code and assets from the mod file. You can use the assets of this mod for social conversations or for non-commercial use. Minecraft SOLDIERS MOD / FIGHTING AGAINST MARK THE NOOB WITH SOLDIER BATTLES!! Minecraft SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/EMvAue ROBLOX CHANNEL: thi.

Minecraft army mod 1.7.10


Minecraft Army Mod

Minecraft is famous for indulging the player in real life situations rather than fix and hard coded missions to play with. Everything has to be built with individual parts like cars with engine, pistons, shaft, accelerator etc., Building with concrete blocks, cement and other material and vice versa. At every stage, the player is supposed to build his own defense, attack and survival strategies with his own places and artillery so that he can anticipate the moves of the enemy. Minecraft has different mods offering help for different style of playing and different advantages to get. Off course the contributing community can add feature to this mod like adding weapons, enhancing uniforms, adding crafting recipes for building new things, new sounds, maps etc.

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Among the famous mods for military, Minecraft contains a mod which is responsible for allowing the player to have a complete army facility which contains residence for soldiers and high ranked officers, their mess, their exercising camps, training camps, First aid facilities and other stuff. This particular mod called the Minecraft Military Base Mod which is also called Warstuff mod is critical in managing the army operation, their movement, strategies and their other daily work routines.

Military base is also critical for protection as lots of army is residing there. Regarding this game, tech usage and reflection of the eras are based mainly on U.S. military due to most developers association with that part of the world. This mod WarStuff, a mod which has levels (3 different types): snow, desert and forest. It also has hidden nets, hidden camouflage cloths, instant hideout stuff like camouflage mini and huge tents, bunkers and hidden arm repositories. Mod also has compartments and sandbags to protect valuable items against any shock and blasts. The facility has Carbon fiber walls to protect from jolty explosions – Also strong stone and glass, and iron. There also are two hazard blocks and one hazard glass. Medical facilities available for instance small and large medical kits, medicine for curing pain and urgent bandage option as well to avoid blood loss and clotting. Explosives like TNT, mines, dynamite packs, hand grenade of type Mk-2 and M67. There are ready made meals available in case of emergency known as Meals ready to eat (MRE), which soldiers can eat, plus water canteens for fueling up the water desire. There also be limited action tools like combat knives.

Like other mods, this mod is an exciting part of the Minecraft military mod containing helipads, runways and other military and daily use equipment like command center, Power generator, Supply depots, heavy machinery plants, Jails, Drop zone for supplies, barracks, Sniper towers, missile slots, general rooms etc. Basically this mod has been divided into seven main categories which are:


These places are used mainly for every type of player usage like eating, drinking, sleeping, wounds dressing, surveillance, and hideouts and for aircrafts stationing. These places contain tents of large, medium and small size, barrack buildings which are used for the hideouts of soldiers, Medical buildings which are used for the treatment of the soldiers, first aid being given to the soldiers, blood bank maintenance for the soldiers, Dispensary in case of dispensing medicine, Blood bank for managing blood donations and giving it to patients and to operate the soldiers in case of emergency. Medicine buildings are critical in warfare situations to minimize loss of soldiers.

Attacking facility

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This facility is used as a sudden hostile attacking option. In this very facility, the options which hurt the enemy deep are kept like missiles storing facility and their control room from which their operations can be controlled. These are built alongside the defense mechanisms to make the player defense impeccable. Player can add/define strategy to attack the opponent using the facility.

Defense Facility

Alongside hostile attack, strong and unblemished defense is compulsory to survive the enemy attacks jolts. In this mod, defense facility is available with efficient tools like ground to air target missiles which are to counter the air attacks in any form like fighter jet and helicopters also this facility contains a radar to sense any enemy movement in a nearby facility or restricted area and upon detecting the enemy aircraft in the restricted region, defense and attacking mechanisms can be activated and target can be intercepted.

Hidden Base Underground

This is a very vital part of this mod as this works even in the worst of conditions like upper base is un

der attack, enemy broke into the base and advancing towards the base, air attack is launched or any emergency conditio

n which might come into play. This mod just is critical enough to hold the army safe from fatal damage. I

Minecraft Army Mod 1.7.10

t contain many facilities like a stair passage which is started from the entrance and leads to the bottom, it contains dressing room which is meant for urgent dressing, it contains the weapons stock or weapon depot which is used for prolonged or Gorilla wars, an entry gate which is bomb and blast proof, multiple entrance rooms for security, command and control center for the instructions announcement and centralization, computer rooms and their respective control rooms and last not the least there are bunkers which are resistant to bomb blasts which is used as a hideout in case of vicious attacks by the enemy.

Field for aircraft and helicopters

This is the sub facility in that mod which contains the space for stationing the aircrafts, sponsoring their takeoffs and landing (runways) for their flights and helipad location for helicopter landing.


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There are aircrafts in this mod of play like fighter plane raptor which is a single seat double engine and Blackhawk helicopter which is a medium sized, has four wings and has two engines. These aircrafts the air defense. These aircrafts are meant for attacking and helicopter is meant for ad hoc operation for seals or soldiers logistics.

Minecraft Army Mod 1.12.2

Other than these facilities, facilities have solar panels for converting heat energy into electrical energy, extra field for aircraft, training area (which is used for battle mockups and training of soldiers), complete roads and lighting are among the major ones.