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Hello Im Frank Vignola. Welcome to the Jazz Chord Melody Playbookbr/br/Learning how to play chord melody arrangements might appear to be a long and complicated process of memorizing hundreds of voicings and an encyclopedia worth of jazz theory but its actually much easier than it looks IF you break it down into a series of logical simple steps.br/br/Thats exactly what well do here in this.


George Gershwin’s “Liza” is a perfect song for chord melody, since so many of the melody notes are the top notes of the chord, in most cases chord voicings you already know. Aaron’s arrangement starts with block chords and then alternates between chords and single-note lines. Chord-Melody 101/201: Making Great Sounding Arrangements with Block Chords. With TAB and standard notation. You already know a handful of cool sounding voicings but chord-melody arrangements may still be tough. Ever listen to Wes Montgomery’s few unaccompanied chord solos and marvel at how beautiful they are in their simplicity yet they sound.


A lesson from my site showing how using chord tones always yields good strong melody lines. The notes in the circles are the available chord tones for each c. The melody is voice 1 in the score and features note stems that go up. Watch the demonstration of this chord melody style, pay attention to the 3/4 waltz time, and then work out the melody on your own, ignoring for now voice 2 in the score, which features note stems going down. When you’re familiar with the main melody, you’re ready to add.

UD#92 White Christmas Chord Melody
from Ukulele in the Dark with Guido Heistek

Today’s lesson is about chord melody, which is the subtle art of playing chords and melody at the same time. It is a solo technique that creates the illusion of two ukes playing together.

I would like to talk about an aspect of chord melody that many of my students find elusive.

Here is the basic concept:

“Whenever possible, the chords in a chord melody arrangement are meant to be sustained for their full duration.”

In essence, what this means is that chord melody arrangements sound better if you don’t immediately release the chord right after playing it. Though there may be some specific situations where a short chord is called for, generally speaking, the chords are meant to be sustained. This allows the chords to ring together with the melody, which creates…

….the illusion of two ukes!

I’ve made a video illustrating this idea. In the video, I use a little 4 bar chord melody arrangement. Here it is in tablature. Can you name that tune?

And here is the video!

Okay now for our “White Christmas” arrangement. The first page of the sheet music is below. Click the image to download the full two pages.

Kunci Melodi Haruskah Berakhir


Here is a video of me playing the arrangement. At the end of the video, I spend some time exploring how today’s “sustain the chord” idea relates to the arrangement.

NOTE: I have a pretty nasty cold so please excuse the sniffling!

All for now! I am hoping to do more lessons in the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

All the best in your playing,

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Chord Melody Guitar Tabs

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