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The four-part series from Euston Films is a TV adaptation of Neil Cross’ acclaimed novel Burial which is a chilling and suspenseful story of a man trying to escape a dark past.

Fans pointed out Iris' 'bizarre' bikini on Instagram.Source:Instagram


Jude Law’s 20-year-old daughter Iris Law is completely grown up, and absolutely stunning.

Intimate moments with the lovely star of USA's White Collar and One Tree Hill (whatever that is) Jun 6, 2011 Me in My Place. The latest in a series of intimate moments with beautiful women —. Intimate photography implies sexy poses or nude body. Many women do not want their photos to be further shown. Therefore, it is very important to draw up the contract. If you take photographs for commercial purposes, you must take the written permission of the model for the further distribution of.

The daughter of Law and his ex-partner Sadie Frost is unsurprisingly now working as a model, and doesn’t waste any time showing off her incredible figure on Instagram.

Her latest Instagram snap had people talking, after posing in a bizarre pink swimsuit, while in her garden at her home in the UK.

Fans pointed out Iris' 'bizarre' bikini on Instagram.Source:Instagram

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The swimsuit is from Stella McCartney’s new sustainable swim collection, which is blush pink and features cut out detailing.

The young model is talent for Stella McCartney’s AtoZ manifesto representing the series ‘I’ – for intimacy.

She wrote in her caption that she had interpreted the word ‘Intimacy’ through her fashion choice and surroundings.

Intimate Process

“Thank you @stellamccartney for giving me the opportunity to interpret intimacy,” she wrote alongside the snap.

“This photo represents intimacy in so many ways for me. An image taken by Jyrell near sunrise freezing cold, my bare feet on the grass and the intimate connection with the earth through the sustainable background of the bodice.”

On the official Stella McCartney website, the swimsuit collection boasts being sustainable.

“Representing Intimacy, [Iris Law] is in our shaping, sustainable #Stellawear – a sculpting fusion of swimwear and underwear, innovated with zero-waste processes in ECONYL® regenerated nylon,” the company wrote of the snap.

The photo in question was taken by the 20-year-old’s boyfriend Jyrell Roberts, who regularly features in her Instagram.

Iris with her boyfriend Jyrell Roberts.Source:Instagram

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Iris’ parents Jude Law and Sadie Frost first married in 1997, after they met on set of Shopping in 1992.

Intimate positions for sciatica patients

Together, they had three children, Rafferty, 24, Iris, 20 and Rudy is their youngest at 17-years-old.

At the incredibly young age of two, Iris was embroiled in scandal when she accidentally ate an ecstasy pill while at a children’s birthday party.

It was believed that the pill was left on the floor of a London nightclub, which was supposedly missed by the cleaners the night before.

Sadie rushed her daughter to hospital for scans and a stomach pump after spotting her toddler chewing on the pill.

In 2003, Frost and Law split up after seven years of marriage. They have remained friends and are on good terms.


Frost is a big supporter of Iris’ modelling career, being a close friend to Kate Moss, one of the UK and the world’s biggest supermodels.

Health Articles July 9, 2013

Trying new intimate poses can add some zip to a couple's romantic life and improve the sensory experience. Some tips for putting the Kama Sutra through its paces – while avoiding injury – are discussed here.

Intimate Poses

Between the years of 1990 and 2013, the Internet has become a giant repository for adult educational materials. Now, any guy with a humming Internet connection and a glowing computer screen can research new intimate poses to his heart's content, learning all about the Kama Sutra, as well as some new positions that likely hadn't been invented until furniture became just a bit more sturdy. Despite this wealth of information, some men may wonder how much position really matters, and others might wonder if certain tricky moves may up the risk of dangerous injuries that require specialized male organ care. This article may solve some of those issues for good, at the same time helping men to improve their performance and boost sensitivity in the pertinent parts.

The Case for Tricky Positions

There are times when interesting poses add something special to bedroom antics. Men who are of a slightly diminutive size, for example, might enjoy positions that allow them to stand behind their partners as they work, as these poses allow for a deeper sensation of penetration. Similarly, men who are on the slightly larger side of things may enjoy side-by-side positions, or those that allow the receiver to control the speed and depth of the movement. Positions that account for these size differences could allow men to please their partners in new ways.

Intimate Poses

Couples with a long history of intimacy may also enjoy acrobatics, as these new moves allow established couples to experience new sides of their partners, along with new sensations. Incorporating toys or using positions that involve bending, standing or planking could also allow partners to use their muscles in new ways, discovering new pleasure zones they may have passed by with their hum-drum routines of the past.

Inherent Dangers

While adding unusual movements could bring some couples intense pleasure, these same movements could also bring a man intense pain without proper precautions. During an escapade, if all is going well, a man's male organ is flooded with blood and pulsing with energy. It's a tool that's firm, and it's also a little inflexible. If both couples are moving and the action is less-than-perfectly coordinated, a sudden movement could bring this inflexible male organ into contact with a similarly hard bone, toy or piece of furniture. The injuries that can stem from an act like this include:

  • Bruises
  • Scratches
  • Scrapes
  • Ruptured male tissues

Any incident that results in a loud cracking and a sudden change in the appearance of the male organ should be treated as a medical emergency, and men need to act accordingly. However, even bruises and cuts might merit medical attention, and the pain can quickly put an end to any hope of intimacy.

The Middle Path

Men don't need to risk the health of their most valuable asset in order to add a little zip to the bedroom. In fact, there are quite a few things both sets of partners can do that could turn up the heat without causing a trip to the emergency room. For example, some couples find that using words during intimacy adds a little spice to an otherwise routine encounter. By simply describing what is happening now, and what's likely to happen in the future, both partners might become more focused on the action that's unfolding. Similarly, couples who haven't engaged in oral acts or tried incorporating feathers, ice or food into their play sessions may find that a new experience lies within their reach, with no health risk in sight.

Men may also get help through the use of a male organ health creme. Products like this can nourish sensory cells, so they can transmit signals of pleasure with ease. A well designed product (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also help to keep male skin hydrated, so it's flexible and soft to the touch. A tool like this is destined to respond beautifully in almost any position.

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Check here for more advice about treating common male organ health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of male organ sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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