Informatica Power Center Free Download 8.6

Informatica powercenter free download. Fitnessefixtures FitNesse fixtures is a set of classes you can use in the test automation tool FitNesse. This utility supports Informatica PowerCenter versions 8.6.1.

Informatica power center free download 8.6 pdf

It is the time to provide a valid license key to. This will be last Step in Informatica PowerCenter 8.6. Hi i am new user of informatica.I hv downloaded informatica power center 8.6 from torrent. (select the KEY. Start-programs-Informatica Powercenter 8.6.0. Informatica 8.6.0:Installing Powercenter in Windows XP Oracle 10g. To download the Informatica PowerCenter software, start typing informatica powerCenter in the search box as shown in the previous screenshot. The matching results will start appearing. Select the option called Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console and Informatica PowerCenter.

Informatica Power Center Free Download 8.6

Installing Informatica PowerCenter Server: Pre-Installation Summary. Here, click on 'Install' button to start the installation of the Informatica PowerCenter. The following screens will appear: Installing Informatica PowerCenter Server: Installing PowerCenter 8.6.1. Installing Informatica PowerCenter Server: Create or Join Domain. PowerCenter Express is an Informatica’ s market-leading data integration (ETL Tool) and in-line data profiling right-sized for smaller projects. How to register for Informatica Cloud PowerExpress Step 1) Open Link and click on FREE 30-DAY TRIAL.

What a great thing VMWare is. If you aren’t using it yet, you are missing out!

This blog will explain how to get an evaluation / developer version of Informatica Powercenter 8.6.1 along with how to install and configure the software under Red Hat Enterprise 5.3 Community Edition (aka Centos).

Downloading Informatica PowerCenter

Unfortunately Informatica has not seen the light with respect to allowing developers or consultants to have access to a trial or evaluation version of PowerCenter. In my opinion this really hurts their market growth by limiting the number of people that are championing their product. Fortunately, Oracle Corporation gets it and has been providing evaluation software for free for many years. How does this help? Well, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition includes Informatica PowerCenter!

To download Informatica, go to Once you get through the license agreement and export restrictions, choose 'Oracle Business Intelligence' in the Product Pack drop down box, and then choose 'Linux x86' in the Platform drop down box. Select 'Oracle Business Intelligence (10.1.3) Media Pack for Linux x86' and click continue. Download 'Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition for Linux x86 (Red Hat / Oracle Enterprise)' - part #V16379-01.


First you need to have an Oracle database repository for Informatica Server to use. If you need to create one, see my post on how to install Oracle 11g on Linux.

Next you need to create a user for the Informatica repository. If you want the repository stored someplace other than the 'users' tablespace, then you will need to modify the create user statement below.

sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL> create user inf identified by inf default tablespace users temporary tablespace temp quota unlimited on users;

SQL> grant connect, resource to inf;

su -

useradd inf
passwd inf
mkdir /opt/informatica
chown inf:inf /opt/informatica
chmod 755 /opt/informatica


Informatica Power Center Free Download 8.6 64-bit

Logon to Centos as the Informatica user you created above (inf) and then navigate into the downloaded and unzipped software directory and find the program '' and choose GUI install. In my case I accepted the default language of en_US.UTF-8 which worked fine. When you get to the license key prompt, navigate into the Informatica install directory and locate the file 'Oracle_All_OS_Prod.key' and click next.

On the install location screen, change the home directory installation directory to /opt/informatica/PowerCenter 8.6.0

Informatica Powercenter Latest Version


Accept remaining defaults

Choose to create a new domain

Informatica Power Center Free Download 8.6 Pdf

On the Configure Database window:


Informatica Powercenter Download

Database TypeOracle
Database URLlocalhost:1521
Service Nameorcl.localdomain
Informatica Power Center Free Download 8.6

On the Configure Domain window, you can use any names or values you want for your Informatica domain. Just make sure you write down the values as you will need them later. This is where you want to use your actual host name and not “localhost” or else you will have problems down the line.

Informatica Powercenter Linux Download

Domain Namedomain01
Host Namecentos
Node Namenode01
Domain Port Number6001
Domain User Nameadmin

Informatica Powercenter Version

Voila! After the installer completes your Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1 server will be up and running. Simply navigate to http://centos:8443 and logon with the admin username and password.