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  1. Numerology According to my view, Indian's use Chaldean (Ancient Babylon i.e Iraq), Vedic Numerology system. But its your personal belief or choice to choose a numerology system. In general, its good to avoid 2, 4, 8 numbers. 2,4,8 are only good for very few people. Here is a gross idea on how to use numerology for selecting.
  2. HARISH JOHARI NUMEROLOGY PDF November 29, 2018 “Indian Numerology” gives striking descriptions of the character and destiny of people based on their birth date. It explains how to determine the psychic number. 1 Nov Numerology by Harish Johari, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Double Digit Numbers

Numerology is based on mathematics out of the above. Numerology, the so-called pseudo-science, is one of the most ancient skills. It was first founded in the old cultures of Egypt, Babylonia, China and India. It was used to discover the features and elements of the person's.

It is time for us to study the wider meanings of double digit numbers which play an important role in advanced numerology. In section one of the second lesson, I have already explained what the double digit numbers are, but their wider meanings must be properly understood in order to use them effectively in anybody's life. Cheiro, the greatest numerologist of all times, explains the deeper meanings of the double digit numbers in the following manner. These meanings proved accurate in the lives of several people, including mine, and I advise you to study this information with perfect concentration.
No. 10: It represents honour, faith, self confidence, rise and fall, good or bad. Depending on ones desires, this number leads one to good or bad.
No. 11: It represents hidden dangers, treachery and difficulties from others.
No. 12: It represents suffering, anxiety and sacrifice. This number personifies a person being sacrificed for the plans and intrigues of others.
No. 13: It represents change of plans, change of place, upheaval and destruction and unexpected dangers.
No. 14: It represents movement, combination of people and things, danger from natural elements such as fire, earth, air, water and ether. It is a very good number for dealing with money, speculation and changes in business but also carries some sort of risk or danger because of the actions of others.
No. 15: It is a very good number for receiving favours, gifts and money. It can be lucky and powerful when it is associated with some powerful primary numbers (see the explanation in the second section) but may turn out to be very destructive and dangerous when it comes in contact with one of the primary numbers of 4 and 8 or with both of them. This means that one should avoid business or any type of dealing with a person representing 15 when the transaction involves any of the two numbers of 4 and 8.
No. 16: It represents accidents and defeat of ones plans.
No. 17: This number represents spiritualism, peace, love, and immortality. It is a very fortunate number as long as it is not associated with a single number of 4 or 8.When 17 comes in contact with any of these numbers or both of them, it causes destruction and havoc. Talented but tragic too.
No. 18: This number represents materialism trying to destroy spiritualism. It also stands for quarrels, internal squabbles in families, war, street fighting, upheaval, explosions and revolutions. In some cases, it may represent money earning through business connected with arms and arms manufacturing and war related activities. Treachery, deception and danger from the natural elements are also indicated by this number.
No. 19: It represents success, esteem, honor and happiness. It is known as the heavenly number.
No. 20: It is not a materialistic number and its capacity to produce worldly success is doubtful. This number represents new plans, new ambitions and new purpose. It also stands for delays, hindrances. It gives a combined meaning of delay of plans and obstructions in the implementation of projects.
No. 21: This number represents advancement, success, elevation and honor in life. It also stands for victory after a long fight.
No. 22: This number stands for illusion and delusion, a fool's paradise and a dreamer of dreams. It represents false judgement and delay in recognizing the dangers looming large.
No. 23: It represents success and help from others and protection from those in high positions.
No. 24: This number represents assistance and association of persons in high positions. It also means gains from the persons of the opposite sex.
No. 25: This number means strength gained through experience and benefits obtained through observation of people and things. It also represents strife and trouble in the early life.
No. 26: It represents gravest dangers and disasters brought about by the association of people. It also stands for ruin and losses because of bad speculation, ill advice, bad partnerships and unions.
No. 27: This number represents authority, power and command. Persons representing this number should carry out their plans and ideas instead of taking advice from others.
No. 28: This is a number of great promises. It also indicates loss through trust in others, opposition, competition and trade and danger through law agencies. It represents a person beginning his life again and again and making a new beginning again and again.
No. 29: This number indicates uncertainties, treachery and deception from others. It also stands for dangers, unreliable friends, grief and deception from the opposite sex.
No. 30: It is neither fortunate nor unfortunate. Sometimes it can be powerful and sometimes it can be the weakest number.
No. 31: This number has the ingredients of number 30. Additionally, it is identified with isolation and loneliness.
No. 32: This number has the ingredients of numbers 14 and 23.
No. 33: This number is like the number 24.
No. 34: It is like the number 25
No. 35: It is like the number 26
No. 36: It is like the number 27
No. 37: It represents good friendship and partnership of all kinds. It also stands for success in matters concerning relations with the opposite sex.
No. 38: It is like the number 29
No. 39: It is like the number 30
No. 40: It is like the number 31
No. 41: It is like the number 32
No. 42: It is like the number 24
No. 43: It is an unfortunate number. It represents revolution, upheaval, strife, failure and prevention.
No. 44: It is like the number 26
No. 45: It is like the number 27
No. 46: It is like the number 37
No. 47: It is like the number 29
No. 48: It is like the number 30
No. 49: It is like the number 31
No. 50: It is like the number 32
No. 51: It is a high potency number and represents the nature of a warrior. It also stands for sudden advancement in undertakings. This number is highly favourable for leaders and those connected with navy and military activities but it also carries a threat of assassination from rivals and enemies.
No. 52: It is like the number 43
Any other number above 52, including compound numbers from 100 onwards, should be calculated in the following manner: reduce the number by 9 till you reach 52 (or less) than that and see the corresponding meaning of the number.
For example,
if you have to find out the meaning of 98, do the following:
The meaning of number 98 is equal to the meaning of number 44. The same method should be applied to all other numbers above 52.

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Welcome, Thanks for coming here. You believed in vibrations, and the same vibrations brought you here - its your destiny to find out all about numerology, this calculator can be of great help in learning numerology. Kudos to you, All the very best in your endeavour.
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Based on this calculator, do not take any decision. This tool/page can be completely wrong too. Please consult a professional numerologist. I am just a novice - amateur - hobbyist!!!.


  • Double Digit a.k.a (also known as) Double Number a.k.a Compound number

“Indian Numerology” gives striking descriptions of the character and destiny of people based on their birth date. It explains how to determine the psychic number . 1 Nov Numerology by Harish Johari, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. For the first time, a Tantric scholar and expert in the Hindu traditions of Ayurveda and astrology presents a system of numerology that combines numerical.

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There are numeroloyy discussion topics on this book yet. Ascension of the Earth into the fifth dimension. I am an Andromedan: Our customer reviews “An excellent read! The Gemstone book is more hulpfull numeroogy guide. Find out more about your destiny, character and name the Online Numerology Calculator based on “Indian Numerology”.

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Breath, Mind and Consciousness Harish Johari. Plants of the Gods Richard Evans Schultes. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. It really does give you a whole different view on how important numbers actually are and how they can have an affect on different areas and aspects of our lives.

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