How To Separate Pdf Files On Mac

Confidential files are supposed to stay secure at all cost. To keep the prying eyes at bay or offer an additional shield to your sensitive information, never fail to password protect your PDF files on your Mac.

  1. How To Combine Separate Pdf Files On Mac
  2. How To Separate Pdf Files On Mac Computer (the application you use to view PDFs and images) has some document management tools under the hood. To split a file into pages using Preview: Open the file in Preview If you don’t see a list of pages on the right-hand side, click the View Menu button on the left of the toolbar and choose Thumbnails. How to Split PDF Files on Mac OS X 14 June 2018; by: Cezar Popescu Portable Document Format commonly known as PDF is a document format often used to help preserve the original content of the document. However this can make splitting the file up a little more challenging. Some involve more steps than others. But generally, learning how to make a PDF file on Mac is easy. Let’s take a look at the different methods of creating a PDF file and the steps that you need to follow: 1. Let’s start with the most basic way of creating a PDF file on Mac, which is creating a blank PDF. To create one in the. Click the 'Split Document' button under the 'Page' tab. Select a page range, or separate the PDF pages by bookmark if you'd like. From here you can also choose the target output file for your PDF document. Once you click 'Split' the splitting process will be completed within seconds. Video on Splitting on Mac.

The Preview app for Mac makes it pretty easy to safeguard any doc with an extra layer of defense. Moreover, it also allows you to customize the security options to make the PDF file require password not only for copying text and images but also for printing.

So, if the security of any of your project is bothering you, follow along this straightforward guide to learn how to create an encrypted PDF file on macOS!

There are two ways:

How to Password Protect PDFs on Mac Using Preview App

Step #1. Open the PDF file in the Preview app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, click on File menu and choose Export.

Step #3. Next, check the box for Encrypt.

Step #4. Next up, enter the password. you need to retype it to verify. Then, click on Save.

Note: Keep in mind if you don’t change the name of the doc, Mac will overwrite the existing content. If you don’t want to create a secondary encrypted PDF file, do not tweak the name.

Step #5. Finally, click on Replace.

That’s it! You’ve successfully saved your PDF file with a password on your Mac. If you wish to add even stronger shield to your doc, keep reading…

How to Encrypt a PDF File on Mac Using Print Function

Step #1. Open the PDF file in the Preview app on your computer → File menu → Print.

Step #2. Now, click on the drop-down menu next to PDF and choose Save as PDF.

Step #3. Next, click on Security Options.

Step #4. Next up, you have multiple options. For instance, you can configure the doc to require the password when being opened.

Besides, you will also set it to ask for the password to copy text, images, and print. Configure the security as per your need. Then, click on OK.

Step #5. Next, if you wish to create a secondary file, tweak the name. But if you don’t want to create a new file, hit Save.

Step #6. In the end, click on Replace to confirm.

What About Removing Password Protection from Your PDF?

What if the protected files become pretty common later and you don’t need to safeguard them anymore? No problem! It’s just as straightforward to decrypt a PDF. To find out how it works, head over to this complete guide.

That’s pretty much it!

Want More Control Over Your PDFs?

If you want to have more control over your PDFs or wish to edit them with more flexibility, try out some of the best PDF editors for Mac. Apps like PDFelement and PDF Expert can prove to be a boon for your workflow. From letting you easily convert the file into various other formats to annotate them, they ensure you can manage your docs like a pro.

Wrapping Up…

So, whenever you think your project could fall into the wrong hands, do use a password to protect your PDFs to thwart the unauthorized access. As the process is painless and doesn’t require any third-party software, it can’t fit into your workflow.

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Portable Document Format commonly known as PDF is a document format often used to help preserve the original content of the document. However this can make splitting the file up a little more challenging. Perhaps you only need to send a few pages to someone instead of the entire file. With only a few steps you can now easily split any PDF document using PDF Plus.

Split PDF Documents with PDF Plus

How To Combine Separate Pdf Files On Mac

To begin splitting the chosen documents you will have to choose the splitting feature out of the four provided when opening the app. After this step you can start editing the documents.

You can choose as many different documents as you like, the app also providing an easy to use batch mode. You can view all the chosen documents inside the app to make sure you’re editing the right ones, or to see exactly where the splitting is needed. If there are files which do not need any kind of editing you can easily remove them by clicking on the “Remove Selected” option. The app also lets you remove all the added documents if needed.

How To Separate Pdf Files On Mac Computer

After making sure all the added files are the one you need, you can start splitting them by using the Split Options provided. The Consecutive page split option lets you how many pages you need per an interval. The other option is Interval split which lets you edit the page intervals to better fit your needs.


Next you can move to the output options where you can edit the names of your split files, and can save the resulting files in a folder of your choosing. After that, all you have to do is click on the “Split PDF Document(s)” button placed on the bottom right corner. In a few seconds the process is finished and all your files are split and placed accordingly.