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In this ridiculous funny Gas Station Simulator you are working as a filling station attendant. Go outside to help some customers on the full-serve pumps. As soon as a car stops by, pick the hose and try to fuel the gas tank. Don't waste gas and time to gain money. But watch out, nobody take care of each other.

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  3. Play in browser. A planet generator with creatures and secrets. A short and sweet otome game with a cute twist.

Breach & Clean, a fast and funny low poly hotel cleaning simulator made for the Castle Game Jam 2016 has you breaching room doors with explosives and cleaning up hotel rooms whether people want you to or not!

In Breach & Clean you are a hotel maid who is just looking to get their job done as fast as possible without getting fired. There are many hotel rooms on each floor, each with a different sign on the door or no sign at all. Rooms with no sign do not have people in them and are quite easy to clean without that stress. Rooms with a red sign on them are basically rooms that do not want to be disturbed. You still have a job to do though and need to clean these rooms anyway, so you must use bombs to blow in the door and clean the room, getting in and out as fast as possible without distressing the guest too much (blowing up the door with explosives is fine though!!)

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To clean rooms you must replace toilet paper, throw out and replace dirty towels, mop up stains, remove cans or fish plates, flush toilets and drain bathtubs. Some of these tasks require items from your cart, so you must keep it close by for fast use. If there is a person in the room you are cleaning, you must quickly get all of the work done before they become too annoyed and get you fired. These people will yell at you in a Sims-like language, getting more and more angry as you take more time. If they are in the way of things that you need to clean, like they are in a tub you must drain, you must ignore them and continue work. Once all of the rooms are clean with a new door sign that approves of your work, you can walk your cleaning cart to the elevator and move on.

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With messy rooms, locked doors and irate guests, a maid’s job really isn’t an easy one in Breach & Clean, but it is a hell of a lot of fun!


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