Game Launch Blocked Nexon

Game launch blocked nexon account
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Game Launch Blocked Nexon

Nexon Game Launcher has Stopped working Okay guys so I downloaded maplestory today and i successfully installed it but it seems that it doesn't work because it always says 'Nexon Game Launcher has stopped working'. Start Nexon Laucher and when you select Maple Story, click on the small gear icon at the far right of all the other small icons, and choose Open Game Files. Then, find GameLauncher.exe and right click, go to compability mode and click Run in compability mode for Windows XP (Pack 3). I just launched the game for the first time ever and it says I'm blocked for hacking or 3rd party software when the only other programs that are running are Discord and Steam, and I'm using the steam version. Here is how you do it: 1. Right Click on the program icon and select the Compatibility tab. Click on the small box within Compatibility mode and remove any check over “Run this program in compatibility mode for:' 3.

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Maple won't load after clicking PLAY on launcher

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Nexon Online Games

Hello! my ingame name is xxMikado and I played MapleStory for 1 day and it worked perfectly fine, the next day when I click PLAY the nexon launcher closes and MapleStory never opens, I have Windows 10 can you guys please help me?


  • Having the same problem, Did you find the solution ?
  • turn off your firewall and antivirus
    i kno it sucks but to play you often you need to add to maple to your whitelist or disable antivirus altogether
  • I already turned off my firewall but it's still the same... When I click play the launcher closes but it says I'm ingame but maple doesn't load, 2 minutes later the play button on the launcher appears again but I'm not in-game
  • sound to me like its ur antivirus then
    try turning it off
    i know it sucks to be unsecure while playing but if its what you gotta do to play right?
    if you dont wanna try that try running the launcher as admin
  • I turned off my firewall and my antivirus, runned the launcher as admin but the problem is still the same..
  • does it end with any errors?
    like you have been disconnected from the server or anything?
    if not try
    if that dont work just reinstall personally i would of just reinstalled LOL
  • hey did you find the solution by any chance, im having the same problem but ive re-installed the game twice
  • It happens to me, but when i press play again after and the other pop up about allowing access to the game, it works. just keep pressing play, itlll work.
  • This **** ain't working who ever the **** genius who created this stupid nexon launcher should get fired been a lot people with problems and still can a solution
  • For anyone with this problem in the future, I fixed it by going to settings in the Nexon launcher, game configure and then repair installation. It took only a minute or so for it to install a small amount, then it started working.
    Before I figured it out, I tried to do this after already clicking play, it won’t work this way, it will show a message about already downloading. You need to end both maplestory and the launcher in task management and open the launcher again so that the button is back to being orange.
    I hope this works for everyone else having this issue, although it’s too late for this guy lol.
  • ^^ I tried to do what you said but I could not get on to maplestory
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[solved] Nexon Launcher won't open at all

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Since this morning whenever I have tried to open the nexon launcher I have been unable to. It will load briefly, before closing. I've uninstalled, reset my computer, tried running as an admin and tried disabling my antivirus. Nothing.
I peeked into nexon_runtime_stderr.log which threw this at me:
2018-04-26 19:26:12 Exception in thread Thread-22:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File '', line 911, in _bootstrap_inner
File '', line 859, in run
File '<string>', line 3, in __run_modules
File '', line 434, in run_modules
File '', line 196, in fix_autorun_shortcut
File '', line 351, in __init__
OSError: [WinError 1005] The volume does not contain a recognized file system.
Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted
2018-04-26 19:26:12

Game Launch Blocked NexonNow, for a long while I've had a hardware problem with my old d:/ drive, where it got stuck inside the machine and without basically tearing the whole thing apart I've been unable to get it out. Because of how it's in there the PC thinks it's still connected and won't believe it's been removed. I don't really know whats up with it and I'm scared to like, format or force disconnect it incase I lose what was on there.

Game Launch Blocked Nexon Account

BUT that has been an issue for well over a year by this point, and up until today I have had no issue opening up the nexon launcher. Neither mabinogi nor any of the other nexon games are anywhere near the d:/ drive, and it shouldn't be looking at it. (I am assuming here it's the d:/ drive its referring to since none of my other drives seem to have problems).

Nexon Game Launch Blocked

This may be out of the scope of just the mabinogi forums, but if anyone has any ideas for getting this sorted, I'd really like to get my attendance stamps ;-;


Nexon Game Launcher

  • OK, so, I've solved this problem. For whatever bizarre reason, it WAS the frustrating broken d:/ drive. I went into device management and removed the letter from it and... it works? I can only hope I didn't accidentally break something somewhere else too, but for now it works again. Weird. unfortunately I can't delete posts!
  • You don't have to delete such posts, and other people experiencing the same issues can see what there is in them and the history of your solutions