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“One must not be shy where language is concerned.” ― Ann Patchett, State of Wonder

In this paper, we present our Hindi→English and Marathi→English CLIR systems de-veloped as part of our participation in the CLEF 2007 Ad-Hoc Bilingual task. We take a query translation based. 6.Marathi Books. Various books for learning Marathi that are available online are listed in this section.Readers are recommended to buy one of those books to reinforce your study from this website. Invest 10 minutes of your time each day.Reap the benefits of learning Marathi in only 30 days.


Best way to learn a language is to immerse in it. Wherever you go, let the language be near you. Keep an app on mobile or have a small pocket dictionary and use it whenever you stumble upon an unknown Marathi word.Many readers have asked me to write a post on books for reading and learning Marathi. I did a short R & D on various books that are available in the market as well as on the internet. Online book sellers Flipkart and Amazon have a good collection of Marathi books : From children stories to advanced Marathi learning. For Marathi learners in US, even better books are available at amazon store.Here is the list of Marathi books that you should consider buying from amazon or flipkart to reinforce your study from this website.

Level : Beginner

English To Marathi Learning Book

Level : Intermediate

English To Marathi Learning Book For Beginners

Maharashtra board History School textbooks : Class IV,V,VI ( You can use English version of books to compare)

Try reading headlines of various Marathi newspapers : Loksatta, Maharashtra times,Sakaal, Lokmat etc.

Level: Advanced

Marathi Dictionary


Search Marathi books on Flipkart

Online English To Marathi Translation

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Learn Marathi (marAThi) मराठी language

To type in Marathi language on Wiki Projects as shown in this video supprt clip first select, मराठी and then अक्षरांतरण option, or select 'मराठी लिपी' for inscript option, Click on the 'cc to change the subtitle languages to Marathi, English, Sanskrit, Kokani,Ahirani.
Note: To use this book, your web browser must first be configured to display Marathi language characters (i.e. Devnagari script). If the characters in the grey box below appear as blank boxes or garbage, it is not properly configured.
येथे तुम्हाला मराठी अक्षरे दिसावयास हवीत !
Marathi is 15th largest language by number of people who speak Marathi. There is large ethnic Marathi diaspora across the globe. If you are staying overseas you can look for Maharashtra Mandals for getting coaching support in Marathi language in many countries across the globe. To know more about Marathi language click the following links.

Brief Index

• Marathi language • Marathi Alphabet

• Marathi Grammar : • Nouns, • Pronouns • Verbs

• Vocabulary: • Marathi Words • Family Relationships • Numbers • Days • Months

• Phrases: • Common Phrases

• Colours: • Common Colours

  • We need your help in:
  • • Improving this book;
  • • Need pictures of Maharashtra and Marathi culture at Wikimedia commons so we can use them to have more content in this book
  • • Need sound files for following individual Marathi words : दिंडी, पगडी, उपरणे, कुर्ता, धोती, घागर, चोळी, नऊवारी, तुतारी, बी
  • • Need Marathi 30 seconds to 60 seonds songs and rhymes audio-video media clips.

Who can learn Marathi ?

There are following categories of people who use or study Marathi as second language.
  1. People having Marathi mother-tongue but studied in English or semi-English medium
  2. People having Marathi mother-tongue but lost or on the verge of losing touch with Marathi language
  3. Such people whose family is multilingual in the sense one of the parent or family member is Marathi speaking.
  4. Such people whose mother-tongue is other than Marathi but studied Marathi language as first or second language.
  5. Pupils of Marathi speaking non resident Indians
  6. Pupils of Migrants to non Marathi speaking areas
  7. Those who want to learn Marathi language as foreign language.

If one informs us on talk page of this article, which of the above background people want to learn Marathi language, then probable we can have more customised support for the given audiance.

  • The teaching approach
While the traditional teaching method will be available; We additionally provide here a different approach. Adult education experts say that human beings usually remember words as pictures and not as single alphabate so we support here with randomly displayed marathi words with pronounciation with few additional tips on the main page itself so every time you visit you learn new word with ease is the target.
Simmillerly we are also supporting on this page with learn with pictures feature This helps to understand words with cultural context and again makes easy to understand and remember.
We will also do an effort to explain words from Marathi songs and rhymes
We will also try to highlight simillarities of Marathi and european words as indoeuropean languages , also along with latin and sanskrit info where available.
Marathi language has borrowed words also from arabic, parsian and other geologically neighbouring languages we will make endevour to explain those words also wherever possible.
For advance users we will show sentense translations randomly. And also in near future for those who know Hindi already we will try to provide support from Hindi language Wikibooks project.
Have you understood the concepts and if you have some good ideas you also can join adding up info to this book as you learn.
For this book we need support also from flash 'Gif' image experts and sound experts
So we hope you will enjoy learning and contributing to knowledge with this book.

Learn with pictures

  • तुतारी = tutAri; A traditional (musical) instrument in hands of a soldiar.
  • पगडी = pagaDi; alternate पागोटे = pAgoTe The red turban traditional Marathi head gear.

Learn with ease

  • Pronounciation as of english alphabate A same pronounciation is in Marathi as ए = used to seek attention amongst young kids. (Dont use with elderly or unknown people to you)
  • Remember pronounciation ए is not as of other words starting with A
  • Remember pronounciation ए is usually like pronounciation as of english vowel e in pet, get
  • pronounciation ए is also like a in english as of ate,gate,mate,rate
  • ए is Seventh vowel in Marathi language
    • Vowels in Marathi language अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, , ऐ, ओ, औ, ऋ,ॠ, ऌ,ॡ, ॲ, ऑ

Useful external resources

Marathi Translation English To Marathi

  • How to write Marathi essay ? (निबंध लेखन कसे करावे ?) on Marathi Wikibooks project.


तुम्ही काय करू शकता

  • शुभ रात्री
    • pronounce : shubh rātri (audio support needed)
    • Good Night
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