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Though many people listen to music every day, only a few of them have heard of bitrate, and fewer people understand this audio parameter. Bitrate is a characteristic of MP3 files that defines the number of bits that is conveyed or processed per unite time. It is well-known that MP3 is a compressed audio container format, which is ten and more times smaller than lossless audio format of the same length. Meanwhile quality losses are rarely noticeable at decent bitrates. Fortunately, the bitrate of a MP3 file is changeable from 32kbps to 320kbps. And a bitrate converter application is a dedicated tool to change bitrate of MP3 audios based on your demands. In this post, we are going to identify top 5 best MP3 bitrate changer applications.

Top 1: AnyMP4 Video Converter

Changing bitrate sounds a pretty technical task; so many people do not know how to start. Actually, all you need is a proper bitrate converter, such as AnyMP4 Video Converter. Its key features include:

1. Allow users to change bitrate, sample rate and other parameters of MP3 simply.

2. Convert videos and audios to MP3 files for playback in any devices or players.

3. Keep original quality as much as possible when converting MP3.

Ytmp3.eu is a YouTube to MP3 Converter 2020 that can convert in high-quality output the MP3 format. Our youtube converter can convert YouTube MP3 to 320kbps for Premium Audio Quality.We process your submission in a few seconds, depending on the length of Youtube video. Aiseesoft Audio Converter can batch and fast convert FLAC files to MP3 at 320kbps on Mac or Windows PC. Not only convert FLAC to 320kbps, the professional audio converter can convert among all popular audio formats including AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc. Advanced Settings Change the bit rate to between 64 and 320 kbps, the number of channels between mono and stereo, and sample rate including 16, 24, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz.

4. Transcode media files to MP3 audio for portable devices.

5. Support dealing with multiple MP3 files at the same time using the multi-thread technology.

6. Pre-listen to the converted MP3 with the built-in media player.

All in all, Video Converter is the best bitrate converter for both average people and tech savvy.

How to convert MP3 to 320kbps with Video Converter

Step 1: Add media files into the best bitrate converter

Get the latest version of Video Converter installed on your computer, and then launch it from your desktop. Click on the Add File menu at the top of the window, find the media files that you want to edit and open them into the best bitrate converter.

Step 2: Change MP3 bitrate in one click

Locate to the bottom area, click and expand the Profile menu and select MP3, hit the Browse button and choose a proper location to save the converted music. Next, click the Settings button to open the Profile Settings dialog. Navigate to the Audio Settings area and change the Audio Bitrate up to 320kbps as you wish. Hit OK to confirm it and go back to the home interface. Finally, hit the Convert button to export the MP3 files.

Top 2: MP3 Quality Modifier

MP3 Quality Modifier is a simple way to change and edit bitrate of MP3 files on Windows PCs. The biggest benefit is free of charge. Plus, you can run the program directly since it does not require installation.

Step 1: Open the exe file, click on the Add files or Add folder menu on the top ribbon to import the MP3 songs that you want to edit.

Tip: This bitrate converter is only compatible with MP3 and cannot convert or edit other audio formats.

Step 2: Move to the Bitrate area, unfold the Rate dropdown menu and change the value depending on your demands. The bitrate converter also offers several preset solutions in the Presets menu.

Step 3: Finally, hit the Process button at the top of the window to start changing the MP3 bitrate.

Top 3: Online Audio Converter

Online bitrate converters are attractive partly because of portability and convenience. Online Audio Converter is an efficient way to edit MP3 bitrate online. Plus, it also permits you to change sample rate, audio channels and other parameters.

Step 1: Visit audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3 in your browser and upload the MP3 you’d like to edit from your computer, Google Drive or URL.

Step 2: In the Optional settings area, you can find the Change audio bitrate option and select an appropriate bitrate from the dropdown list. Customize other options or keep them default.

Step 3: Click on the Convert file button to trigger the process. When it is done, download the converted MP3 to your hard drive.


Top 4: CoolUtils

CoolUtils is another bitrate changer online that allows you to upload a MP3 from your computer and edit bitrate online.

Step 1: Input www.coolutils.com/online/Audio-Converter into the address of your web browser and hit the Enter key to open the MP3 bitrate converter page.

Encode to 320kbps online

Step 2: Hit the Select files button, select a source, such as From Local Computer, From Google Drive, or From Dropbox, and upload MP3 files to convert.

Step 3: Highlight MP3, click and unfold the Bitrate option and select your favorite value.

Encode To 320kbps

Step 4: In the end, click on the Download Converted File button to start changing the MP3. When it completes, you will be presented the download dialog.


Top 5: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular open source media players on Windows and Mac. And it contains a lot of features and functions, including changing MP3 bitrate.

Step 1: Start the open-source bitrate converter and go to Media-> Convert/Save to activate the Open Media dialog.

Step 2: Click the Add button and add the MP3 files you want to change into VLC. It is able to convert other audio formats to MP3 as well. Hit the Convert/Save button to open the next window.

Step 3: Make sure to select Audio-MP3 from the dropdown list next to Profile. Then hit the Create a new profile button, which is the third on the right of the profile dropdown menu.

Encode To 320 Kbps

Step 4: Go to the Audio codec tab and change the number of Bitrate. Click the Create button, drop a file name and hit Save. Once click the Start button, the bitrate converter will work immediately.


Based on the sharing above, you might grasp at least five methods to change MP3 bitrate on Windows and Mac computer. These bitrate converters all have unique benefits and advantages. AnyMP4 Video Converter, for example, is a friendly option for both average people and tech savvy. It is able to optimize and preset the parameters based on your hardware and conditions. And offer plentiful custom options for advanced users. VLC Media Player and MP3 Quality Modifier are simple ways to edit MP3 bitrate for free. Online Audio Converter and CoolUtils are online bitrate changer applications. Now, you can select your favorite tool and change bitrate as you wish.

FAQs of Bitrate Converter

1. How do I change or adjust the video bitrate?

To adjust video bit rate, you can add your desired video files into the AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. Click the Settings button to open the Profile Settings window, and then you can change the bit rate.

2. What bitrate should I use when streaming at 720p or 1080p?

For full HD with a standard Framerate (1080p, 30fps), your bitrate should be 3,500 to 5,000 kbps. For regular HD with High Framerate (720p, 60fps), your bitrate should be 3,500 to 5,000 kbps. For regular HD with Standard Framerate (720p, 30fps), your bitrate should be 2,500 to 4,000 kbps

3. What is a constant bitrate?

Constant bitrate is a tool used in digital telecommunication signals, such as when transferring audio files off of the Internet. A constant bitrate file is encoded to produce a file which plays back at the exact same bitrate for its entire duration.

4. How can I change the bitrate of MP3 files?

Encode Mp3 To 320kbps And 44100 Khz

You can use AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, MP3 Quality Modifier, Online Audio Converter, CoolUtils and VLC Media Player mentioned above in this page to change the bitrate of MP3 files.