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RecordedAugust 1982 at Utopia Sound Studios
GenreNew wave
ProducerTodd Rundgren and Utopia
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Swing to the Right
Singles from Utopia
  1. 'Feet Don't Fail Me Now'
    Released: December 1982
  2. 'Hammer In My Heart'
    Released: May 1983
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Utopia is the second of two self-titled albums by the rock group Utopia (the other being Todd Rundgren's Utopia). It was released in 1982 (see 1982 in music). It was also their only album for Network Records.

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During the composing phase of this album, Kasim Sulton had left to pursue a solo career, and Doug Howard from the band Touch was brought in on bass. Howard co-wrote two songs on the album, 'Feet Don’t Fail Me Now' and 'I’m Looking at You But I’m Talking to Myself'. These songs are credited to 'Utopia and Doug Howard' on the finished album. Howard stepped aside when Sulton decided to return, had no further involvement with the group, and was not featured in the album's cover photo.

Videos and singles were released for 'Feet Don't Fail Me Now' and 'Hammer in My Heart'. Footage for 'Hammer in My Heart' was recorded live on August 18, 1982 at MTV's official first birthday celebration hosted by VeeJay Nina Blackwood. The song peaked at #31 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart. Both were featured on the VHS video release 'The Utopia Sampler' nominated in 1983 for a Grammy for Best Short Form Video.

The original vinyl LP was released as a three-sided set of two 12' discs - the third side including five additional songs. It was then released as a single LP with the five additional songs on the included two-sided EP. Then as a single LP with an included five-song 45. The later CD releases simply include the five bonus tracks as part of the complete album (raising the song total from 11 to 15) with no mention of their origin on the bonus EP etc.. In Europe, the EP was pressed as a 7' with the five songs split between the two sides; elsewhere, the EP was pressed as a 12' with all five songs repeated on both sides of the EP.

Track listing (Vinyl)[edit]

BMI credits all songs to Powell/Rundgren/Sulton/Wilcox except:

  • 'Feet Don’t Fail Me Now' and 'I’m Looking at You But I’m Talking to Myself': Howard/Powell/Rundgren/Wilcox
  • 'Libertine', 'Bad Little Actress', 'Princess of the Universe' and 'Infrared and Ultraviolet': Powell/Rundgren/Wilcox

Side 1[edit]

  1. 'Libertine'
  2. 'Bad Little Actress'
  3. 'Feet Don’t Fail Me Now'
  4. 'Neck On Up'
  5. 'Say Yeah'

Side 2[edit]

  1. 'Call It What You Will'
  2. 'I’m Looking at You But I’m Talking to Myself'
  3. 'Hammer in My Heart'
  4. 'Burn Three Times'
  5. 'There Goes My Inspiration'

Side 3 (and later a Bonus EP (unlisted on album sleeve))[edit]

Utopia Album Covers

  1. 'Princess of the Universe'
  2. 'Infrared and Ultraviolet'
  3. 'Forgotten But Not Gone'
  4. 'Private Heaven'
  5. 'Chapter and Verse'

CD Track listing[edit]

  1. 'Libertine'
  2. 'Bad Little Actress'
  3. 'Feet Don’t Fail Me Now'
  4. 'Neck On Up'
  5. 'Say Yeah'
  6. 'Call It What You Will'
  7. 'I’m Looking at You But I’m Talking to Myself'
  8. 'Hammer In My Heart'
  9. 'Burn Three Times'
  10. 'There Goes My Inspiration'
  11. 'Princess of the Universe'
  12. 'Infrared and Ultraviolet'
  13. 'Forgotten But Not Gone'
  14. 'Private Heaven'
  15. 'Chapter and Verse'
  16. 'Hammer In My Heart (Dance Mix) (only available on 2000 CD reissue by Unidisc Music)


  • Todd Rundgren - guitar and vocals
  • Roger Powell - keyboards and vocals
  • Kasim Sulton - bass and vocals
  • John 'Willie' Wilcox - drums, percussion and vocals
  • Doug Howard - bass and vocals


Album - Billboard

1983Pop Albums84


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