Download Android Sdk Components Offline Install

To install android component do following steps

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— Download the tools package. First, you need to download the tools package.

Install Android Sdk On Windows

  • Run android sdk manager on offline machine
  • Click on show/hide log window
  • here youu will find all the list of xml files where packages are available

Fetched Add-ons List successfully
Fetching URL:
Validate XML:
Parse XML:

Download Android Sdk Components Offline Installer is main xml file where all other package list is available.

lets say you want to download platform api-9 and it is available on repository-7 then you have to do following steps

Android Sdk Tools Download

  • note the repository address and go to any other machine which has internet connection and type following link in any browser

  • Search for <sdk:url>****</sdk:url> under the api version which you want to download. This is the file name which you have to download. to download this file you have to type following URI in any downloader or browser and it will start download the file.

    General rule for any file replace with your package name

  • Once the download is complete,paste downloaded ZIP(or other format for other os) file in your flash/pen drive and paste the zip file at <android sdk dir>/temp (ex:- c:android-sdktemp) folder/directory in your offline machine.

  • Now start the SDK manager and select the package which you have paste in temp and click Install package button. Your package has been installed.

  • Restart your eclipse and AVD manager to get new packages.

Note:- if you are downloading sdk-tools or sdk platform-tools then choose the package for OS which is on offline machine(windows/Linux/Mac).