Delta Plastic Tub Spout Adapter

Stuck tub spout adapter? I am trying to replace my tub spout but what I assume is an adapter like I have not seen online is stuck and I cannot get it loose. I hit it with WD40 to little avail and eventually I turned it hard enough that the copper pipe in the wall started turning, but still no luck on this bad boy. Tub Spout / Trim Kit: video is meant to show how easy it is to update your Delta tub spout to give a more modern look.Tools Eve. Delta Parts: Adapter - Tub Spout - Slip-On Diverter RP33794. The new delta spout (below) has a plastic thing with threads which is probably typical. It also came with an adapter. The adapter will not fit over the threads because of that nut head thing of a jig at right behind the threads. So here is my educated guess.

Buy LASCO 08-10Four in One Bathtub Spout Adapter Slip Fit for Copper at Amazon UK. Overview Model # M14Store SKU # 1000838461. Convert your tub spout diverter to a slip on fit.

Some tub spouts may look like a threaded spout but in fact thread onto a brass adapter that is installed onto the pipe. There are two types of brass adapters, . Delta Faucet RP123Adapter with O-Ring Tub Spout. Delta Faucet RP34357SS Victorian Tub Spout with Pull-Up Diverter, Stainless.

Tub Spout Adapter - Slip-On Diverter. Back of adapter must not project more than from finished wall surface. Hand tighten tub spout onto adapter taking care not to dam- age the O-Ring.

Delta Tub Spout Installation

This is a quick video help and understand how to install the tub spout with threads on to a copper line. Delta tub spout diverter adapter removal details. Using a propane torch and handling a hot brass fitting with.

Delta plastic tub spout adapters

Tips for installing a universal tub diverter spout. The last time I replaced a tub diverter spout I bought 2.

Delta Tub Spout Parts Diagram

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Delta tub spout installation