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Jun 02, 2016 COMMENT its a really epic screenpack and its got a small file size too also has Portrait's for goku and a few others the rest you will have to make by yourself the fist portrait is 520X538 and the second is 570X590 the lifebar portaits do have a template though. Jesus christ that name It's actually the full game, not just the screen pack. Just extract to another folder and there you go. Except if you only downloaded the screenpack.

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Subject: Dragon Ball Z Budokai SCREENPACK MUGEN 1.1 March 13th 2017, 9:11 am
Hello Guys,My new guy here.
so, I'll post something for the first time it is Dragon Ball Z MUGEN screenpack.
in this screenpack used MUGEN VERSION 1.1
so, if you want to download it, please see the link in the description
do not forget to subscribe my channel account
because, a lot of which I want to share into
although I am not one maker characters, stages, lifebars, and screenpack
but I already love with this game for five years, because I was fighting genre game lovers