Cubase Le 8 Review

However to expand my capabilities I now have a Zoom F4. This came with Cubase LE and WaveLab LE. They seem to have a lot of overlap and seem to be aimed at musical bands rather then what I do. The question is: which would be the better one for me to learn and use for cleaning up 1-6 channels of audio and occasional.very basic. sound mixing. WaveLab 8 has inherited some of the latest features from Cubase and Nuendo, which is not surprising given that they’re developed by the same company. First up are a number of additions to the already excellent audio analysis and metering tools in the form of EBU R128-compliant loudness metering with True Peak support and a dedicated loudness. Prices: Cubase Artist 8: $399.00 ($299.00 street) / Cubase Pro 8: $699.00 ($549.00 street) Upgrade pricing for current users available at Watch: AskVideo's new Cubase 101 by Matt Hepworth goes into immense detail and depth. Watch the complete course here.

Cubase Le Free Version

When you are importing audio files, there are a number of options concerning how the files should be treated by Cubase:

  • You can choose to copy the file into the Audio folder of the project and have the project make reference to the copied file rather than the original file.

    This helps you keep your project “self-contained”.

  • You can choose to split stereo and multi-channel files into a number of mono files.

  • You can set all files in the project to the same sample rate and sample size (resolution).


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Using the “On Import Audio Files” pop-up menu in the Preferences dialog (Editing–Audio page), you can define what Cubase does when importing an audio file. The available options are described in the following.