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  2. ChessBase Online for iOS. By ChessBase GmbH $4.99. Developer's Description. By ChessBase GmbH The whole history of chess in an app: 5 million chess games from 1624 till 2014. And every week new.
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90% of all chess games are decided by tactics – which means that success is something you can train! Put yourself through your paces and increase your tactical prowess with “ChessBase Training”.

ChessBase 15.8: This application is not a chess video game, it is a powerful educational tool that lets you expand your knowledge of chess. It provides extensive training and practice databases from openings, players and tournaments. Export, Print, and generates an analysis annotates your game, merge games on-the-fly, and generate plans. Chess tactics training for all levels. New positions every day. Solve on your own or battle others. Made by ChessBase.


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Over 60,000 training positions await you, ranging from one-movers to more demanding puzzles with quiet solutions. Every motif and trick features in this collection, including one that could appear in your very next game.


Take our tactics test and get a tactics Elo! Every position is stored with its own Elo rating and solution time – that way you can judge how difficult the puzzle is and work on increasing your own rating.

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After solving a puzzle, you decide when you want to tackle the next one. You can take your time and play through the puzzle you just solved, to appreciate the subtleties or understand a particular pattern. The next position only loads when you click the “Next” button!


Sometimes you can’t see the mate for checks! If you need a helping hand or want to see the correct solution, Fritz Online can be called up at the click of a mouse - especially helpful if you managed to guess the correct solution but don’t fully understand why it works. Fritz can help you recognize new tactical motives when you play through a puzzle and all its variations.


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Square up and take on all comers in the server-based tactical duel! In a “best of twelve” battle, you compete against an opponent to solve 12 tactical puzzles in the fastest possible time! Who will input the right move first? Every second counts! But watch out - being too fast can be costly too - if you enter the wrong move, your opponent automatically wins the round!