Breath Of The Wild Loadiine

Gamer beware! The following guide is long and complicated… maybe you’d rather just get a steam game for $2?

  1. Breath Of The Wild Loadiine Ready
  2. Breath Of The Wild Loadiine Ready
  3. Breath Of The Wild Loadiine

There’s been a lot of you asking how we are running Zelda Breath of the Wild on PC. Here is a quick guide to set up.

A legal, unpacked game dump of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Switch (version 1.6.0) The latest x64 Visual C redistributable; 3. Setup There are three primary options for installing BCML. The easiest method for Windows users is to run the installer attached to this post. CRITICAL: BCML requires the latest Visual C redistributable. Nintendo’s exclusive game series The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular games in the world. Latest installation of the series The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great hit and won many awards such as Game of the year, Best Action/Adventure etc. Hoy traigo un nuevo tema de zelda breath of the wild para loadiine gx2,espero que les guste,comenta suscribete y deja tu like si quieres hacer una donacion a.

Before you start, you will will want version 1.7.3 of Cemu. You can get this here

We recommend getting a copy of version 1.7.4 of Cemu because it eliminates most of the glitches that made 1.7.3 unplayable.

Updating Breath of the Wild

Unless you have a pre-updated version of the game your version of the game will be unplayable as the game is missing roughly 3 gigabytes of files without the Day One patch. The current version, 1.1.0, added support for the Day One DLC, which included some chests containing some consumable items and a Nintendo Switch shirt for Link[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]We can get the update using a program to download the encrypted update files from Nintendo’s servers. For this guide we will use JNUS Tool (this program requires Java 8 installed on your PC)

Before launching JNUS tool you will need to edit the Config file and add a WiiU Commonkey. I recommend using Notepad++ to edit the Config file. Normal Notepad will create an error in the file.

After you launch JNUS Tool, simply scroll down until you find ‘The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’, then select the correct region for the copy of the game you have and click Download Encrypted Files (this is a 2-3 gigabyte download, so be patient)

After the update has downloaded, you will want to download this version of NEW-NUSGrabberGUI (It may trigger false detections with antivirus, but the file is clean). Click Decrypt Download in the main window and navigate to the folder the update was downloaded in (most likely in the same location as JNUS Tool if you used that). If the program asks for a CKey.bin it is located in the same folder as NEW-NUSGrabberGUI.exe. Wait for the decryption to finish.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”13264″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now you have two options on how to update:

  1. Replacing files. If you have an unpacked/Loadiine version of the game, you can simply move the ‘code’, ‘content’ and ‘meta’ folders to the folder the game is located and replace any files with conflicts.
  2. Using the new update method introduced in 1.7.3. This should work for any version of the game (Loadiine or archive with .wud or .wux extension). In your Cemu folder, you simply want to move the update files to the location shown below, depending on your game region. You will need to create most of these folders manually

    Europe: <Cemu folder>mlc01usrtitle0050000101C9500

    USA: <Cemu folder>mlc01usrtitle0050000101C9400

    Japan: <Cemu folder>mlc01usrtitle0050000101C9300

After that, you should be able to run the game in Cemu, and you can confirm the update is installed on the title menu

Installing DLC

BreathLegend of zelda breath of the wild loadiine

If you have files for the DLC, you can install them in almost the same way as installing an update (the replacing files method will not work for DLC). Simply chuck the ‘code’, ‘content’ and ‘meta’ files for the DLC into the following folders, again dependent on game region

Europe: <Cemu folder>mlc01usrtitle0050000101C9500aoc

USA: <Cemu folder>mlc01usrtitle0050000101C9400aoc

Japan: <Cemu folder>mlc01usrtitle0050000101C9300aoc

Preparing Cemu

At this point you can play Breath of the Wild just fine, but there’s still a few more things you might want to use.


At the moment Breath of the Wild will only run if your input settings are set to the Wii U Gamepad so be sure to do that if you get any errors when starting the game (of course you might be able to play fine with Pro controller, I wasn’t able to get it working however. There’s no touch input so there’s no downside to using the Gamepad)

Graphics Packs for increased resolution and shadow quality


The Community Graphic Pack repository has graphics packs for various resolutions and enhancements. If you’ve never used GitHub before, simply click the green Clone or Download button followed by Download ZIP. Once you open it you can find the Breath of the Wild graphics packs in the following locations

Higher Quality Shadows in the Enhancements folder

Increased resolution (900p – 4K/2160p) in the Quality folder

Breath Of The Wild Loadiine Ready

Increased resolution (above 4K) in the Enthusiast folder

Breath of the wild loadiine

Decreased resolution (below 720p) in the Performance folder

Once you have the one you want, move the folder (e.g. BreathOfTheWild_2160p) into the ‘graphicsPacks’ folder where you have Cemu located. Then open Cemu and go to Graphics Packs under the Options tab and check the Breath of the Wild ones there. Then close that and launch the game to enjoy your new visual enhancement

Shader Caches

Breath Of The Wild Loadiine

Using a shader cache will alleviate stuttering and freezing in most cases. These can be found all over the internet but contain copyrighted content. If you can’t be bothered, Cemu builds one up over time so the more you play the smoother your experience will be when you launch the game next time

Breath Of The Wild Loadiine Ready


Go to the CPU tab then Mode and check if it’s using Recompiler and not Interpreter, and turn GPU buffer cache accuracy under Options to Low.

Breath Of The Wild Loadiine

And that about covers everything you need to set up Breath of the Wild at this point, feel free to ask questions (as long as it’s nothing involving piracy, e.g. where to get the game) and enjoy what you can from what we have playable at this point.