Blackweb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Item 3 Blackweb Gaming Keyboard USB Cable Mechanical Keyboard (BWA18H0004) Multi-LED 3 - Blackweb Gaming Keyboard USB Cable Mechanical Keyboard (BWA18H0004) Multi-LED.

  1. Saw a Blackweb Mechanical keyboard at Wal-Mart on clearance for $15 (normally goes for $50.) It had a little cutout in the box to test the keys, felt and sounded like how Cherry MX Blue switches are described (Very likely they're a knock-off version like Outemu, you just don't see genuine Cherry switches at this price.).
  2. About Blackweb Centaur Gaming Keyboard. With the Blackweb Centaur gaming keyboard, you can take your gaming experience to the next level. It comes with all the cool features that you would want in your gaming keyboard. The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is the design. This black keyboard features a mechanical design with interchangeable backlight colour.
Blackweb Gaming Keyboard ($106.74)Blackweb mechanical gaming keyboard walmartMechanical

Blackweb Gaming Keyboard Software 3.1

BlackWeb's keyboard is great for gaming, web browsing or for getting any work done. It's easy to use and comes with backlit keys that work well in the dark. These backlights are also easily customizable which means that with just a few keys you will be able to make any specific keys light up. This keyboard also comes with foldable and detachable wrist support. This ensures that your wrists won't suffer the bad effects of working or playing for too long on your keyboard. Overall, this is a great keyboard that will certainly be liked by both beginners and experienced gamers alike.