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The Adsense responsive blogger template is one of the most finest blogger template for adsense ads and seo at the same time. You can sue this template to increase your ctr and cpc as well. The template also have clean and beautiful design which increase its value and create best user experience. Honey is the best blogger template for you if you are a travel or lifestyle blogger. It has a social widget that helps you build a good social media presence and connectivity. The template also comes with some other amazing features like a drop-down menu, header and footer column, an email subscription widget and much more.

  • Now we see that the top 5 Adsense responsive template is 2020. The theme we choose should be Adsense Approval then there should be no problems. At the same time, it should be clear when you open it on mobile In this post, we are going to talk about the top 5 Adsense responsive templates that are relevant to all the above.
  • 3 Best Blogger Template For Google Adsense Approval in 2020 by ShivaHindiTech April 12, 2020 June 5, 2020 So if you are not getting approval in Google Adsense then you might be having some issue with layout, so here I will be sharing the best three blogger templates which you can use for your website and get Google AdSense approval.

11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Templates – Hello, folks. As we all know, Blogger is the best platform to start blogging without investing a single coin.

Every Professional blogger starts their career from the BlogSpot but the biggest problem we always face that we can’t find any SEO Optimized and AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Templates for our Blog so that we get search traffic from search engines.

So, Here I brought 11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly/Ready Blogger Templates.


  • 11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates

11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates

As you all know that to attract visitors we need a good looking and user-friendly designed template/theme so that readers will come again and again to visit your Blogger Blog.

But only good designed templates are not enough to be successful in the Blogosphere; You should choose SEO optimized and also AdSense ready/friendly to become successful.

These all Blogger Templates have many qualities like SEO Optimized, AdSense Friendly, User-friendly design (Responsive Layout), Looking Premium but Free, and much more features too.

Here’s the list of Top 11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Templates and I hope your search will end today because all templates are highly user-friendly and also AdSense Ready. 😉

Scroll down and choose one Premium Looking Free Template for your Blogger Blog. 🙂

List Of 11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates 2017

1. ATB Responsive Blogger Template

ATB Responsive Blogger Template is designed by Respectable Imran Uddin who is author and owner of

This template is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and also AdSense Friendly. You will not find any encrypted script inside the ATB Blogger Template.

It means you’re free to customize and edit this theme as per your need. Here are some excellent features of ATB Blogger Template;

  1. Mobile Responsive Layout.
  2. Fully SEO Optimized and Adsense Ready.
  3. Related Posts inside The Post Pages.
  4. 4 Column Stylish Footer Wrapper.
  5. Sticky Post.
  6. 2 Column Layout and much more.
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2. ATB Eleven40 Blogger Template

ATB Eleven40 Blogger Template is the next version of ATB Responsive Blogger Template which is Most Advanced SEO Optimized and AdSense Friendly design made by Imran Uddin.

In this template, you can find a lot of extra features compare of ATB Blogger Template. This template is also fast to load and used on many professional blogger blogs.

If you want to read more about this template and want to download, then you have to read this post which I’ve published before – ATB Eleven40 Blogger Template.

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3. Elice Blogger Template

Elice is Premium looking free blogger template because it has many premium features.

This template is designed by Chandeep who is the owner of Elice blogger template is AdSense Friendly, SEO Optimized, Mobile Responsive, and User-friendly.


Some more cool features of this template are given below.

  1. SEO Ready Blogger Template.
  2. AdSense Friendly Design.
  3. 2 Column Layout with an Opt-in custom form on the home page.
  4. Mobile Responsive Design.
  5. 4 Column footer and Fast to loading.
  6. Elegant Look and Related Posts Widget in Post Pages.
  7. Highly User-Friendly and much more.

4. BTNT Blogger Theme

BTNT is another best and highly User-Friendly Blogger Template by Chandeep.

This templates will produce good impression to your visitor due to its simple WordPress style look.

BTNT Blogger theme is fully SEO Optimized, highly user-friendly, and AdSense Ready. Few more useful features are given below.

  1. Simple Navigation Bar at The Top Right Side.
  2. SEO Optimized and AdSense Ready.
  3. Sidebar Subscribe Box with Social Icons is Inbuilt.
  4. Attractive Popular Post Style.
  5. Simple Footer Bar Where You Can Add Page Links.
  6. Subscription Box below Each Post.
  7. Related Posts Below Every Post.
  8. Ad Slot below Blog Each Post.
  9. Beautiful Read More button and a lot more excellent features.

5. Tech Shadow Blogger Template

Tech Shadow Blogger Template is specially designed for technology and blogging niche blogs.

You can see, there is two section placed in the header bar one for Blog Title/Logo and on the right side, you can add AdSense Ad or any other Ad Banner.

The template is Highly SEO Optimized and AdSense Friendly. Some features of Tech Shadow Blogger Template are given below;

  1. SEO Optimized and AdSense Ready Template.
  2. 2 Column layout and 3 Column Footer Bar.
  3. Subscription Box Just Below of Navigation Bar.
  4. Socializing Wiget in Post Pages.
  5. Related Post Below Each Post.
  6. Auto Thumbnail Post on Home Page and much more impressive features.

6. Sensational Blogger Template

Sensational is a Most Advanced SEO Optimized and AdSense Friendly Blogger Template.

It is professionally designed with two navigation bars one is horizontal, and another one is vertical on the left-hand side.


Just like as Elice and BTNT this template is also created by Chandeep, but this template is next version which is designed by Rohit Asare (BloggerHero).

Due to its brilliant features, User can get a lot of visits. Here are some more fabulous features of this template;

  1. 100% Responsive Template.
  2. 2 Navigation Bars.
  3. 4 Column Footer Bar.
  4. Fast to Loading due to It’s neat & Clean Design.
  5. Highly SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Template.
  6. Flexible Popular Posts Widget.
  7. SEO Optimized Post Titles.
  8. Social Profile Icons Widget and much more.
Demo Download

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7. Sevida Blogger Template

Sevida is Best Responsive I Blogger Template designed by Themeforest.

This template is highly user-friendly, Well SEO Optimized, AdSense Friendly, and well coded designed.

Sevida Blogger Template has two Menubars, One for linking static pages and another one is for linking Posts. Few brilliant features of this template are given below;

  1. Fully Responsive Blogger Template.
  2. Slider Post Widget.
  3. List & Grid Mode Available.
  4. Highly SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly.
  5. Well, Coded Neat & Clean Design.
  6. Use of AJAX and much more.

8. Apriezt Responsive Template

Just like as Sevida, Apriezt Blogger Template is also eye-catchy, Highly SEO Optimized, AdSense Ready and well designed.

It also has two navigation bars which you can use for linking static pages and posts.

Some feature of Apriezt Blogger Template is given below;

  1. Two Featured Post Widget in Home Page.
  2. Mega Menu Bar.
  3. AdSense Friendly and SEO Optimized.
  4. Advanced Search Box.
  5. Social Sharing Widget and Related Posts Widget in Every Post.
  6. Disqus, Facebook, and Blogger Commenting System.
  7. On-Screen Blogger Contact Form with Single Click Button.
  8. Attractive footer bar and a lot more.

9. Purez Blogger Template

Purez Template is simple, clean blogger template. It’s perfect for portfolio or magazine blogger blogs.

This Blogger Template is Highly User-Friendly, SEO Optimized, and AdSense Friendly with Responsive Layout.

Best Blogger Template For Adsense Approval Guidelines

This Blogger Template has 3 column layout with the attractive color combination. Read more features;

  1. Blogger Template Customizer Supported.
  2. Fully Responsive Design.
  3. Ajax Page Navigation Function.
  4. Emoticons in Comments.
  5. Tabs Widget Ready [Main & Sidebar Section].
  6. Highly SEO Optimized.
  7. AdSense Friendly Design.
  8. AddThis Social Sharing Widget.
  9. Related Posts Widget and much more.

10. Ijonkz Blogger Template

Ijonkz has two styles boxed and full width. It is another responsive blogger template after Purez. designs this template. This Template is highly user-friendly, SEO Optimized and AdSense Friendly.

Read more features below;

  1. Facebook, Disqus, and Blogger Commenting System.
  2. SEO Optimized and Ads Ready.
  3. Auto Resizing Thumbnail System.
  4. Integration of emoticons in Comments.
  5. Meta Keyword and Description Supportable.
  6. Tabs Widget in Sidebar Section.
  7. List and Grid Switcher.
  8. 100% Responsive Layout.
  9. Custom 404 Error Page.
  10. Pro-Admin Layout and much more.

11. Bresponsive Blogger Template

Bresponsive is another cool looking Professional Looking Premium Blogger Template.

The template looks like WordPress so that this template can attract your dear visitors. It has many smart features like as;

  1. Horizontal Menu Bar.
  2. Implementation of Related Posts Widget below Each Post.
  3. AdSense Friendly Design.
  4. SEO Optimized Coded.
  5. Social Icon Widget.
  6. Template Looks like WordPress Blog.
  7. 100% Responsive and much more.
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So these are 11 Best SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Templates. I hope you’ve chosen one theme for your Blogger Blog. I’m sure, after using one of any template from above list, your search visits will improve day by day. 🙂 If you’re a WordPress user then check out these best Adsense optimized WordPress Themes.

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