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Swh NSP Collection. Switch Eshop Collection 20 Reuload v0.0.12; Switch Eshop Collection 19 reupload v0.0.11. Switch Eshop Collection 2019 reupload v0.0.11. Baldurs Gate and Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Editions. NSP, Switch, Torrent, XCI Description: Baldur’s Gate (Baldur’s Gate) is a role-playing game developed by the Canadian studio BioWare and released by Interplay in 1998.


This is exciting. I was literally just daydreaming about how much I would love Baldurs Gate on my switch but this will hopefully fill that void: level 2. 3 points 1 year ago. Oh man, I loved playing Baldur’s Gate way back in the day! That would be pretty awesome. Though I’d like to. If you haven’t jumped in since the late nineties or have yet to experience any of the magic of Baldur’s Gate, we reckon the Switch’s control set-up, combined with the console’s portable nature.

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Your spellcasters have a limited number of remembered spells they can use in Baldur’s Gate 3. As useful as it would be for them to readily use every spell and ability at their capacity, specific spellcasters, namely wizards, can only use a certain number during combat. Your party needs to be at a full stop and not doing anything aggressive for a wizard to take a moment to prepare their spells.

To prepare any of your party’s spells, make sure you out of combat, and nothing is actively happening. Your party can be in the middle of the wilderness, in a friend camp, or anywhere safe. They can even be in a safe location in the middle of hostile territory. The important thing is to do all of this out of combat.

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Once you’ve double-checked this, open your spellbook to view your party members’ actions, cantrips, and various spells. The prepared spells that your spellcaster can use are the highlighted ones, whereas the ones they do not have prepared and cannot use in combat are darker than the others. To exchange those out, click on the ones you don’t want to use to unhighlight them, and then pick the one you want to use. These spells have to be at the same level. You cannot unprepare a level 1 spell, and instead, use a level 2.


After you’ve finished picking your new options, doublecheck they’re available on your hotbar at the bottom of your screen to readily use them in combat. You can make the hotbar bigger for any party member by clicking the small plus sign next to their spells, actions, and items.

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Release Year2019, August
DeveloperObsidian Entertainment
PublisherVersus Evil
Image FormatNSP XCI NSZ
Game Version2.57.00
LanguageRussian, English [RUS / ENG / Multi 6]
Required firmwareYes (on 9.1.0, Atmosphere 0.10.2)
Age rating18+
Pillars of Eternity – a computer role-playing game, is the ideological successor of the games Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment, reminding them of their design and gameplay.
The action of Pillars of Eternity takes place in the fictional universe of Eora, mainly in the country of Dirwood, suffering from a supernatural misfortune: the children in Dirwood are born “empty-born”, who have no soul. The main character, having found himself in a storm at the beginning of the game, discovers the talent of the “Guardian”, which is able to communicate directly with other people’s souls and see other people’s lives

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