Aws Visual Inspection

A 15-hour seminar on the inspection of welding under the American Welding Society’s Structural Welding Codes:

    • AWS D1.1 – Steel,
    • AWS D1.3 – Sheet Steel,
    • AWS D1.4 – Reinforcing Steel, and
    • AWS D1.8 – Seismic Supplement
Aws inspector service

This course teaches overall welding inspection topics with special emphasis on AWS D1.1 and ASME B31.1/B31.9. The course provides the student with the basic knowledge needed to have an understanding of visual. AWS Visual Inspection Workshop Introduction 5. Nondestructive testing of welds and welding is an adjunct to the visual inspection program, not a substitute for it. The four NDE methods used in connection with welding each have their own areas of best application—along with limitations. Overview of the Visual Inspection Class. The Atlas 24-hour online visual inspection training course will satisfy the classroom requirement in the multi-stage certification process. Our online ASNT visual inspection.

Welding Nomenclature

    • Joints, welds, position, metallurgy

Welding Processes and Filler Metals

    • Matching filler metals
    • AWS A5 identification systems
    • Storage and exposure limitations

Welding Procedure Specifications

    • Evaluation and use of WPSs
    • Preheat and interpass temperatures
    • Prequalification limits
    • Welding procedure qualification

Weld Joint Details – Structural Steel

    • Prequalified groove weld details
    • Qualification of joint details
    • Weld backing and weld tabs
    • Weld access holes, copes and reentrant corners
    • Plug and slot welds


Aws Visual InspectionAws Visual Inspection
    • Welding equipment and environment
    • Joint preparation and fit-up
    • Thermal cutting processes and quality
    • Distortion control
    • Dimensional tolerances

Welding Personnel Qualification

Weld Appearance and Quality

    • Acceptance criteria options
    • Weld discontinuities
    • AWS D1.1 quality criteria
    • Repairs

Inspection and Nondestructive Testing

Aws Visual Inspection Kit

    • Observation under AWS D1.1 and AISC
    • Visual inspection
    • Nondestructive testing methods and criteria – PT, MT, UT, RT
    • Extent of NDT under AWS D1.1 and AISC

Welding Symbols

Tubular Joints

Aws Visual Inspection Training

    • Terminology and joint types
    • Groove weld joint details

Fatigue Life Enhancement

Aws visual inspection training
    • TIG dressing, burr grinding, toe peening, ultrasonic methods

Aws Visual Inspection Certification

AWS D1.8 Structural Welding Code – Seismic Supplement

Aws Visual Inspection Form

    • Welding materials – strength, toughness, intermixing, testing
    • WPS and technique limitations
    • Connection details
    • Protected Zones and repairs

AWS D1.3 Structural Welding Code – Sheet Steel

    • Joints
    • WPS and welding personnel qualification
    • Weld quality

AWS D1.4 Structural Welding Code – Reinforcing Steel

Weld Inspection Aws

    • Joints
    • WPS and welding personnel qualification
    • Weld quality