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Autotune your voice using fantastic audio plugins like Waves Tune Lite or Morphoder and start singing jingles even if you’ve never sung a steady note in your life!

  1. Launch Adobe Audition. Click 'Effects' and then select 'Refresh Effects Lists.' A pop-up box will display the VST plug-ins installed on your computer. By default, Auto-Tunes is checked.
  2. It is possible to autotune singing natively from Adobe Audition CS6 onwards. Although I’m a great fan of the Waves Tune LT plugin in this video I show you how to achieve a similar sound using pitch correction in Adobe Audition.

Autotune in Popular Culture

Many popular artists use the auto tune effect in their music. The most famous of these is T-Pain who creates a certain sound to his singing voice that many audio creators try to replicate so much so that many call it the ‘T-Pain effect’. In this podcast episode I mention two of the best audio plugins I’ve found that can help you to sound like T-Pain, Akon, Ke$ha or even Cher in her hit “Believe”.

There are many plug-ins that can achieve this effect, and many DAW’s come with plug-ins that have a vocoder preset available. A good example of this is Logic’s classic EVOC 20 synth. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best autotune plugins! Best Autotune Plugins.

What’s the Best Version of Adobe Audition?

Tom who listens to the podcast in the UK emailed recently to ask me what my favourite version of Adobe Audition is. He’s on version 3.0 and expressed his concern about upgrading to CS5.5 as he’s heard that many of the features are missing.

In my opinion Adobe Audition CS5.5 took 1 step forward (it was finally compatible with Mac) but 2 steps back in that it lost many of the cool features from 3.0 and previous versions. I remember using Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium, that was a great bit of kit, I was forever using the ‘paste mix’ feature before the invention of the multitrack.

Adobe Audition has recently come on in leaps and bounds – the latest version is Adobe Audition CS6 – and it’s the best version I’ve seen. I’ve even heard Pro Tools users mention that CS6 stands up well alongside Pro Tools. The great news is that Adobe will let you upgrade for a fraction of the price of buying new even if you’re making the jump from version 1.5 or higher!

How To Autotune Your Voice


If you can’t sing to save your life you’ll be pleased to hear about autotuning and vocoding. There are many plugins that can achieve a singing effect and they work with many of the popular DAWs like Pro Tools and Adobe Audition. I show you how they work in this podcast episode.

Here are the plugins I recommend:

Autotune for adobe audition cs6 free download

Best Autotune Plugin

This plugin will make your voice sing. Just play your voice into the plugin, it will analyse the input then you can then play the notes you’d like your voice to sing and get a beautiful result. This can have a very practical use if you’re branding a radio station with its own sonic logo. All you need to do is have your voice over artist speak the station name in a monotone voice the plug it into the Waves Tune Lite plugin, play the notes and voila! You’ll have a sung sonic logo by your own radio station voice over.

It’s even possible to notch the voice up a few octaves and achieve various different effects. Listen to my examples in this podcast episode.

Best Vocoder Plugin

Vocoding a voice is another wonderful way to make a plain voice over sing. There was an elementary vocoder in Adobe Audition 3.0 which would allow you to mix your voice with a musical composition or sound effect and make your voice sound exactly like the element you choose. If you’re serious about the vocoder effect you should look into the Morphoder plugin from Waves Audio. It takes your voice and changes it to make it sound like you’re singing.

Here are my top 4 Morphoder plugin presets:

  1. Bunny
  2. Major Tom
  3. Minor Organic
  4. Robbie

How To Autotune In Audition

Listen to how I use these vocoder effects in this podcast episode.

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Remember to leave a comment on this episode with your thoughts on autotune and vocoding and contact me with any examples you’ve made. I’d love to hear them!

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LEARN ABOUT AUTOTUNING AND HAVE SOME FUN BY USING AUTOTUNE ON A VOCAL TRACK! We’ll use the Auto Pitch Correction Feature in Audition to have some fun with a vocal track and learn a little about autotune in Adobe Audition CC as well.

In this Audition tutorial, I’ll use a vocal track I put together using lyrics inspired by some YouTube song I saw a while ago that used Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” song as a backing track. Here we’ll explore how to get the right scale and key for your vocals and even touch on the very unknown “Calibration A4” option in the auto pitch correction feature that Audition offers us.

Autotune Plugin Adobe Audition Cc

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Autotune for adobe audition 1.5 download

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. You can go into the multitrack and add some reverb with the great haul setting to add some flair to it. Might need to tune some of those settings.
  2. Effects Rack: Mix should be set to 100%!
  3. Auto Pitch correction new with all copies of Audition beginning with CS6 onward.
  4. Go to 9.473 on the timeline and trim up the music track and but both vocal and music tracks to the first frame (turn on snapping if needed)
  5. This effect can be applied to the Effect rack in the Multitrack environment or applied directly to a piece of audio.
  6. Chromatic scale = Audition doing its best to guess which scale this is.
  7. Use higher attack and sensitivity for more of a pop or hip-hop vocal type of effect that you hear so often these days. Pretty cool.
  8. Go with Major C, 10–200, still sound bad so change the Calibration A45 to 410Hz instead of 440HZ.
  9. Knowing my vocal and audio limitations, it’s a good bet that I’ve messed something up because 410 sounds way better than 440 in my case. Your project may be different.
  10. Add Studio Reverb to the track as well. Choose Vocal Reverb (large) preset and let it ride.

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