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API 570 Study Guide (Full) Flashcards Quizlet - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. API 570 Study Guide. The API 570 sec states that PRD's shall be tested and inspected at intervals that are frequent enough to verify that the valves perform reliably in the particular service conditions. Answer found in API 570.

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Want to become an API 570 Piping Inspector? Looking for a preparation strategy to crack the exam? Look no further as we provide you with our Study Guide that will boost your learning and improve your skills set to perform better. This study guide incorporates all the advanced learning resources for you to ace the exam. Moreover, the study guide provides detailed steps to smoothen your preparation journey. Achieving this credential becomes easy with our study guide. Before diving deep into your preparations it’s better to sail through the exam details. Let’s look at the basic details first.

API’s Individual Certification Programs (ICP) is a certification and evaluation authority. The certification programs are based on the well recognized industry-developed standards. Therefore, this Piping Inspector (API 570) certification from API will allow you to establish a career path, to improve your skills through learning and strengthening their overall job performance and hence you will be able to make valuable contributions to the safety and quality of industry operations.

Exam Prerequisite for the API 570Piping Inspector Exam

  1. Api 570 Study Guide Practice API 570 has about 30 pages to study, that averages to about 3.0 questions per page. The remaining 60 questions will come from the 750 pages contained in the other documents. That's onl y 1 question for every 12.5 pages. Spend your pre-class time mining in the rich veins of API.
  2. GUIDELINE TO API 570 CERTIFIED PIPING INSPECTOR: API 570 PIPING INSPECTOR (Episode1) - Kindle edition by UK, STEVE. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading GUIDELINE TO API 570 CERTIFIED PIPING INSPECTOR: API 570 PIPING INSPECTOR (Episode1).

You are required to have a combination of education and experience related to in-service metallic piping systems. The experience must have been acquired within the last 10 years while in employment by, or under contract with, an authorized inspection agency as defined in API 570. Further, you can assess your eligibility from the below-mentioned table:

Now that we have all the details in hand lets move further and gather all expert resources to begin our preparation.

Study Guide for API 570 Piping Inspector Exam

Preparing for an exam is the real task. Consistency and determination are the two most essential keys to unlock your certification. But preparing from the genuine resources and being on the right track is also important. Look no further as we present you our step by step study guide. Resources in the guide will help you refresh your skills and concepts related to the exam while providing you with all the important insights.

Step 1- Review the API 570Exam Objectives

Before, venturing on any journey, one must have a clear idea of what he/she is putting themselves into. Therefore, reviewing each and every exam objective becomes the most important part of your preparation. So, make sure you visit the Official website of API 570 Piping Inspector exam to have a clear view. Since it is the most authentic site to provide any information regarding the exam. After you’ve gone through the basic exam details.

It’s time to hit the exam guide. Devote enough time to each and every concept that this exam covers. It includes the following topics – Organization and Certification Requirements, Types and Definitions of Maintenance Inspections, Welding on Piping, Corrosion and Minimum Thickness Evaluation, Estimated Remaining Life, Inspection Interval Determination and Issues Affecting Intervals, Maintenance Inspection Safety Practices, Inspection Records and Reports, Repairs/Alterations/Reratings to Piping, Rerating Piping
Pressure Testing After Repairs, Alterations, or Rerating, Pressure Temperature Ratings, Markings, Materials, Dimensions, Test, Limiting Dimensions of Gaskets, Methods for Establishing Pressure-Temperature Ratings, and Methods of performing positive material identification and related record keeping

Step 2- Explore Learning Resources

The level of preparation will determine how well will you perform in the exam. To ace the exam, you need to choose the best set of resources suited to your type and your level of understanding. Here we highlight some of the highly suggested resources that you must include in your preparations.


Refer thePublications Effectivity Sheet

Questions on the API 570 exam are derived from the set of publications recommended by API. Only the specific sections of publications that are listed on the Effectivity Sheet will be available to you during the open-book portion of the exam. So, do proper research before you buy books. API has released the API 570 Publications Effectivity Sheet which consists of various publications, topics to focus upon.

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Api 570 Icp

Explore the API Body Of Knowledge

API Body Of Knowledge specifies the different sets of books to be referred for appearing in the Piping Inspector examination. The API Piping Inspector examination consists of two parts. The closed-book part tests the candidate on knowledge and tasks requiring an everyday working knowledge of API Standard 570 and the applicable reference documents. The open-book portion of the examination requires the use of more detailed information that the inspector is expected to be able to find in the documents, but would not normally be committed to memory. During the exam, applicants will be expected to choose the best answer from the options provided.

A. API Publications

  • Firstly, API Standard 570, Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Rerating of In-Service Piping Systems
  • Secondly, API Recommended Practice 571, Damage mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry
  • Thirdly, API Recommended Practice 574, Inspection Practices for Piping System Components
  • Then, API Recommended Practice 577, Welding Inspection and Metallurgy
  • Moreover, API Recommended Practice 578, Guidelines for a Material Verification Program (MVP) for New and Existing Assets

B. ASME Publications

  • To begin with, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • Then, Section V, Nondestructive Examination
  • Also, Section IX, Qualification Standard for Welding, Brazing, and Fusion Procedures; Welders; Brazers; and
  • Further, Welding, Brazing and Fusing OperatorsB16.5, Pipe Flanges, and Flanged Fittings, B31.3, Process Piping

Join Study Groups

Api 570 2020

Joining a study group or an online forum is an important step while preparing for the exam. The prospects of getting resolutions to an issue increase steeply when a greater number of people are involved. Also, multiple viewpoints make the stuff more dynamic. These discussions make the studies more comprehensive. Introverts get a chance to express themselves, who might otherwise prefer staying out of discussions. Forums work really well to build a community that is essential for understanding others.

Step 3 – Self Evaluate with Practice Tests

The Piping Inspector is an exam that focuses on both your theoretical and practical knowledge. When you are done all your preparation it is always advisable to go for some mock test before you plan to sit for the actual examination. This will not only boost your confidence but will also make you aware of the weak portions in your preparation which require more focus and hard work. These practice papers give that simulation in which the brain needs to get used to the actual exam. Other than knowledge, there are many factors that can affect your performance in the exam. Also, these include confidence, speed, understanding the marking scheme, physical and mental alertness and concentration, and more. Let’s start practising now!

Elevate your career by qualifying Piping Inspector API 570 exam. Start Your Preparations Now!