15mm Auto Bypass Valve


  • MYSON offer a selection of automatic bypass valves to complement our range of heating valves. Our automatic by-pass valve is designed for use in domestic central heating systems and is available in either an angled or straight version. Its purpose is to maintain constant pump pressure and flow rate within the system.
  • Altecnic Caleffi Pressure Reducing Valve, 15mm + Pressure Gauge. Altecnic Caleffi Pressure Reducing Valve, 22mm + Pressure Gauge. ALTECNIC Automatic Straight Bypass Valve 22mm. Condition is New. Dispatched with eBay delivery – Shutl 2-3 days. Please note we are away from 17th - 25th sept.
  • The Tower ABV should be fitted where a boiler bypass is required – typically this is the case when a system is equipped with thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s), and to allow pump overrun operation after zone valves have closed down. TRV’s slowly close down as each radiator raises the room temperature.
Centre Size

You have a manual gate valve. (lockshield) it will be set in one position and will let water bypass all the time. You can replace with a 23mm bypass and get compression reducing sets for each end or danffoss make a15mm version. Danfoss Randall Avdo15 Auto By Pass Valve 15 Mm - BHL.

80mm Centres

Temperature Rating

-10 - 120°C

End Connections

System side - BSP Female Taper Terminal side - BSP Female Taper


Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information



The Crane Fluid Systems Dominator Z3000 flow management system for fan coils has improved on the traditional practice of connecting individual valves and pipework.

The Dominator is a very compact combination of valves, incorporating a patented bypass valve unit comprising two T-ported ball valves, that dispenses with all the connecting pipework. This innovation dramatically reduces the space needed, allowing a much faster and more compact connection. There is also the added risk-free advantage of using a factory-tested component of known performance.

Features & Benefits

15mm Auto Bypass Valve Stem

  • Flow management system for fan coil units
  • Combines the essential control components and connecting pipework into one compact, fully assembled unit ready to connect
  • The Z3000 is compact and lightweight
  • The bypass valve unit comprises two T Ball valves
  • The strainer unit has integral filter and pressure test point, plus drain cock/vent facility
  • Balancing valve is of proven high quality and accuracy


Danfoss Avdo 15 Auto Bypass Valve 15mm